Biggest Surprise Last Year?

  • What game surprised you the most last year that you didn't think you would enjoy as much as you did?

  • Horizon Zero Dawn. Fighting the machines in that game is a challenging pleasure, an unique quality of the game that just keeps getting stronger as the game goes on. When the game allowed me to roam the world outside the first area, the first thing i did was collect ALL the side collectibles stuff, all of it. I never got bored of it because there were always machines that block your path everywhere, and by the 40-44 hour mark i collected all of it, had tons of fun, and haven't progressed the main story at all since i first started collecting stuff. The main story missions then was a breeze, since i have more than enough equipment and experience against all types of machines. I even had devised strategies for dealing with each of them. By the time i finished the game (around 50 hour mark), the Platinum trophy was only a few side missions away.

    I just never expected to do all that with that game. I mean, i absolutely believed in Guerilla Games, but i don't know they were capable of making an excellent open-world title on their first try.

    The story about what really happened in that world also blew me away, kept me even more engaged all the way to the end.

  • This one is cheat as I didn't play it, but I watched all of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. I don't like survival horror, but I don't know what it was about this game where I couldn't look away. Everything that I did play I kind of expected to be how it was.

  • Cuphead I think, I thought it will frustrate the shit out of me but most of the time I had fun.

  • Persona 5. Don't get me wrong, I was hyping it up for years... but I never expected it would just easily become my favorite game of all time. Hopefully it won't be the Last Surprise I receive. You could say.... I didn't see it coming.

  • I usually only buy games I know I'll like which makes me hard to surprise, but I guess Sonic Mania? I grew up adjacent to Sonic fans, watched the old cartoon, and played a little of the early games at my friend's place, but I never got to put serious time into classic Sonic growing up. Figured I'd like the style of gameplay and Mania would be good, but it blew me away with the sheer creativity on display with the bosses and stages. Ended up having a blast with the special stages too, even though I'm terrible at them. Think I've played through the main game about four times now, (Sonic/Tails, Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles) because the atmosphere and music are just so good that it's really fun to replay. Not really excited for the coming update to it, but it is one of those cases where the original game's cost was so under the price I value the game at in my head, then I'll strongly consider getting the DLC anyways just to toss some extra cash to the devs as thanks for making an amazing game.

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    Im similar to @Mbun on the matter. I normally buy games if I assume that I will enjoy them, that said; I didnt know that I would enjoy Horizon and Nier Automata AS much as I did! even though Horizon had a slow start for me and I took a break at 10-ish hours, then when I got back things kicked off and I got sucked in and finished it over the span of a week or two.

  • Mine was probably Guardians of The Galaxy from Telltale games, i didn't think the game would be good at all

  • Breath of The WIld and the Nintendo Switch in general. Tbh, I bought it on a whim and thought it would be a Zelda machine.

    I was wrong. Breath of The Wild is much better than I thought it would be, and there are so many good games on the Switch.

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    @the_andredal Though I only started playing the game recently, it has quickly become my favorite game from Telltale, usurping Tales from the Borderlands from that throne.
    Seriously. Fucking quality game. I honestly think I prefer it to the movies. It just feels like such a pure and wonderful homage to the GotG.

  • @el-shmiablo i prefer it to the previous movie at least