What Game Series Do You Think Has The Biggest Potential?

  • So what game series do you think has a lot of potential when it comes to gameplay, story, world building, etc?

  • Good question.

    • LoL whenever they need to/want to branch out. Aside from lore, they have so many characters that millions of players are invested into.

    • Easy answer, but Horizon Zero Dawn probably has the hugest potential just based on how much people love it.

  • @crepe i think Star Wars and Lord of The Rings have so much potential, because their universe is so rich

  • Not a game series, but i think death stranding has the potential to be one of the best games ever. If we get MGS 1/2/3/4 caliber storytelling, and Kojima nails open world again, I think it could be one if the greats. We'll see, when the game releases in 25 years

  • @sunpraiser i would have to see what they produce first

  • Mass Effect was a series that I thought had HUGE potential that despite how good the first two games were was left untapped, and now I have little hope for it sadly.

  • i don't think Mass Effect has any potential atm, because it's pretty much dead

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    I really think The Division 2 is going to be something special. While the launch was a total dumpster fire, Ubi and Supermassive worked their asses off to turn that game around and it shows.

    Horizon also has a lot of stuff it could do and a lot of places it could go.

  • Devil May Cry. Not the reboot. There is a lot of lore for the series that's only been barely tapped in to the series. Hopefully, when DMC5 gets announced, Dante and Nero will returned with the latter getting more fleshed out. Or better, we learn more about Sparda.

  • @the_andredal said in What Game Series Do You Think Has The Biggest Potential?:

    i don't think Mass Effect has any potential atm, because it's pretty much dead

    It can always be redeemed, I think EA will sit on it for a good long while before deciding to green light anything to do with Mass Effect. It would give them room to bring it back in a big way.

  • Far cry series has huge potential that always wasted.

    I mean Far cry 1 was good for first half. then it become bad so bad that goodness of first half overshadowed
    Far cry 2 despite being best in series is still not deliver what it promised. it become repetetive and has respawn checkpost and tons of problem
    Far cry 3 has potential to be great but too much emphasize on unskippable cutscene, QTE, terrible main character and his friends just ruined it.
    Far cry 4 is copy and paste far cry 3 with having even worse setting, story and characters. even cutscenes are more and more longer
    Primal took bad elements from 4 and make complete game out of it
    Far cry 5 being worst game in franchise which choose most boring setting, having brain dead AI, terrible and repetetive mission with no variety etc

    i mean this series has so much potential but always wasted.

  • The SteamWorld series.
    Image & Form have already shown that they can make great games in multiple genres, set in the same universe at vastly different points in time. The world that they have made has so much potential for prequels & sequels that I could easily see them making several more games that tell the story of the steambot takeover, or about the creation of the steambots or Vectron, or maybe a sequel to Heist, or a game bridging the gap between Dig 2 and Heist. I also would like to see how this team would handle a 4x or RTS style game where you could play as the various factions seen throughout Heist. A re-make of or sequel to SteamWorld Tower Defense would be greatly appreciated to bring that game to more platforms.

  • Splatoon.

  • They should expand upon Shadow of Destiny. It has such a great premise and while amazing as it is, could easily be even better,

  • In terms of story potential I can see some interesting threads being placed for the new God of War such as

    Spoiler Athena helping Odin, granted the only real link the two have is Athena's spirt is green, and Odin's Crows are green.
    The tales that lead to Atreus/Loki to be know as a trickster "look see he played all innocent then killed Baulder when given the chance"
    Possibly meeting and recruiting other Gods for battle with Odin and other Norse Gods (Assuming the theory that Kratos is some reincarnation of Tyre becomes true)
    Odin undoing the curse on Freya as she returns to him filled with vengeance

    That's just a few things I can think of for a sequel anyway

  • I would say Gravity Rush, the sequel had a lot of world building that really opened my eyes to the potential of that already fantastical world. Hoping there's a third game coming, but that seems quite unlikely.

  • @black-cell What about Far Cry Instincts (XBOX/360)?

  • @thenerdtheword with EA owning Bioware, i doubt that

  • @the_andredal said in What Game Series Do You Think Has The Biggest Potential?:

    @thenerdtheword with EA owning Bioware, i doubt that

    EA tend to end up doing an equal amount of great and terrible things in the long run. It is just a matter of waiting a few years for them to sort their shit out.

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    @thenerdtheword EA has a sort of ebb and flow to their actions.
    They do pretty neat shit for a few years, then are the literal cancer killing the industry for a few years.