What Genre Of Games Do You Play The Most?

  • I usually play FPS, third person action games, RPG's, Racing and Sports games the most. I don't really play point and click games. I also rarely play puzzle games

  • FPS 70 percent of time. remain 30 percent include third person stealth games and other good non FPS which i like.

    nowadays. theres very few non FPS games i actually like. most of them are boring third person action game with QTE that doesnot apeal me like tomb raider. some of them have batman combat which i dont like, majority are open world action games that i found very boring. be it assassins creed or GTA. didnot liked RPG games unless they blend with FPS ala Deus Ex and System shock.

    so FPS are mostly the one i play most. single player FPS i mean. multiplayer FPS are boring imo. waste of time.

  • Hard to say really, I tend to mix it up quite often. Due to their average length though, it's probably RPG's.

  • A bit of everything, really. I like to indulge in many genres. FPS/TPS and RPGs (leaning to western ones) are my favorites, and i have a soft spot for cinematic, linear story-driven singleplayer games (specifically action-adventure games like Uncharted). For multiplayer, i mostly play shooters like Battlefield. Got hooked to GT Sport's multiplayer too for a bit.

    As of now i don't play much fighting (still sticking to Injustice 2), racing (only have GT Sport and Wipeout Collection, more interested in arcadey titles like Onrush), and puzzle games. I barely play JRPGs for that matter (only Persona games).

  • For me, it's kind of split between FPS's and RPG's. Every now and then I'll go through a platformer like Crash, a stealth focused game like Dishonored, or an action-adventure like Uncharted or the Last of Us, but more often than not, I'm shooting something through a scope, or I'm leveling up a party through a compelling story.

  • JRPGs, no doubts about that, lol.

  • By hours played, last year it was sports games. Then JRPGs, then whatever Yakuza is.

    This year so far it's been 3rd person action (assuming that's where Monster Hunter goes) , racing, and Yakuza.

  • Rpg's 70% of the time besides that im open to anything really

  • Platformers with RPGs close second. I should play Rhythm games more often than I do, because I always have a great time with them.

  • RPG's and games I can drop in and drop out of easily. (SNES mini, assorted old school game)

  • If SNES games can be considered a genre, then that's the one I play the most. But to answer the question conventionally it would be a close tie between Shooters and RPGs, and then perhaps Shmups 3rd (mostly Touhou). I do enjoy a bit of every genre though (or almost every genre).

    The biggest genre I don't play at all is "online games/multiplayer games". I've had a lot of fun with these types of games when I was younger but I stopped playing them cold after the 3rd or 4th experience of having such a game take over my life.

  • Banned

    I'm all over the place. Shooters, RPGs, adventure games, racers, fighters, platformers, you name it.
    I tend to have a penchant for games that can be played cooperatively though, which there has been a serious lack of this gen.

  • @chocobop said:

    I've had a lot of fun with these types of games when I was younger but I stopped playing them cold after the 3rd or 4th experience of having such a game take over my life.

    Same. Too old for the grind.

  • RPG's by far. It why I can never catch up on my backlog :P

  • Definitely RPGs (only Western ones) closely followed by strategy games. Other than that, it's a hodge-podge of games from FPS' and immersive sims to adventure and simulation games.

  • @pepeeltoro805 same, i got a massive backlog

  • Beat'em ups, character action games, platformers and arcade racers.

  • Banned

    Action games, FPS mostly. I do play pretty much everything except JRPGs.

  • JRPGs by far get the most gaming time from me.
    Including the strategy rpgs like Valkyria Chronicles and FFT/Shining Force style ones, etc.

    Then character action games and action/adventure games, platformers, and the occasional western RPG. Now also mixing in PSVR since getting one back at launch.

  • I'm a dabbler but I tend to be drawn to RPGs, narrative heavy and action adventure type games. Something that combines all three of these things is like catnip to me.