Hard Axis - Hate and Contempt

  • @el-shmiablo I would add that Chloe is a better Lara Croft than Lara Croft has ever been.

  • The Tomb Raider games post 2013 are 10/10

  • @dipset Third. It's why I refuse to buy anything from EA, Ubisoft, nor Activision.

    • Fuck Capcom for screwing up Asura's Wrath, SFV, and Street Fighter X Tekken, I know they fixed SFV recently, but it should have not happened in the first place.

    • Fuck Microsoft for screwing over Hideki Kamiya and Scalebound. Them cancelling it, killed my interest in ever getting an XONE. What's worse, they own the IP, and Platinum does not. Meaning, Microsoft will sit on their candy asses, and do nothing with Scalebound. The only good thing out of this was Nier: Automata becoming a success and saving Platinum from bankruptcy. With that, they will never have to deal with companies Activision or MS ever again.

    • David Cage, please stop making "games". How this guy still has a fanbase is beyond me.

    • Nintendo, why no VC for the Switch? You are killing yourselves with that one.

  • @bam541 I was never a big Tomb Raider fan, but the most recent ones take themselves way too seriously. It's like they're trying to impress people who don't play video games or have a low opinion of them. And reboot Lara never develops at all as a character in both games. And plot gets super convoluted in Rise. Plus, Crystal Dynamics take too much from the Uncharted series (ironic I know ).

  • @axel Even more ironic.

  • I mean I can vent and vent about various things in games that I have hate and contempt for, but I'll try to spout them off as it comes up unless I'm really motivated by something.

    I too hard quit Tomb Raider reboot. Got it on sale for like $40 on PC years ago and couldn't stomach how everything in the game felt like a shitty generic video game. Every fight was a square shaped arena. You take cover and shoot shoot shoot. I hard quit this game for the same reason I hard quit The Order 1886: boxy rooms, bland enemies, cover cover cover shoot shoot shoot. Then the story has sub-par acting with absolutely terrible nothing characters who don't look interesting, don't sound interesting, or say anything interesting. I'd call that game a complete mess. Honestly surprised it made it as a big time series.

  • Don't have anything to contribute here, but I wanted to say that "Hard Axis" is a stroke of genius. Well played.

  • My contempt towards the western games industry, comics industry, journalism and Hollywood grows with every day.
    Also ResetError need to CEASE!
    Also also

  • I hate that Splatoon 2 doesn't offer a left-handed control scheme. So there!

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    I am sad about the direction the Xenoblade series has taken. Previous entries felt like we were finally getting close to that true Tanaka vision... and now it's just some lame ass Tales-tier waifubait. I hope that they continue with the original style under the Chronicles X moniker.

  • Day 1/Pre-order DLC and people who defend it by saying "dude, do you know how much games cost to make?". No, I don't - and, likely, neither do you. And regardless, this is not crowdfunding. If a developer decides to make a game, there is an inherent risk in that process which they knowingly take on in the hopes of making a reasonable profit. As a consumer, it is not my responsibility to blindly negate that risk with a larger investment before even trying a game. It is the developer's job to convince me to invest more by first providing a strong product - not a product that clearly had parts designated as DLC in the early storyboard stages.

    Being told to stop complaining about how bad a game's gameplay is because the story/characters are so good. Games should be games first and storytelling in games in atrocious at best. And if you feel differently, that is totally fine but don't tell me I'm an idiot if I say I don't like the Witcher 3 because the combat isn't fun.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern you don't have to buy the product and preorders aren't final. I've preorder plenty of games where I don't buy the end product.

  • @iboshow Not to single you out but this is another common response. "You don't have to buy it". Of course I don't, but I still love videogames and want to play them. But if that means I have to endorse what I consider to be a slimy practice, I can't do it. But I am very much in the minority so I either get on board or find a new hobby - hence my frustration.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern If you don't buy it how do you endorse it?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I'm with you with Day One DLC. That does come across as sketchy, definitely a way to get more money.
    I'm less on board about preorder DLC. Games take time to make, so why is it surprising that they've planned more content after the initial release? Of course there are cases where the game is lacking in content when it's released, which does make preordered DLC iffy, but that's not every game.
    What I would love is for games to be more upfront about what their future DLC entails, so I know whether it's worth it.
    I HATE when it's just "Three future DLC packs". What does that mean!? Maps? Story? Modes? Tell me! That crap will get me ranting...

  • @inustar Totally. "Pre-order the season pass today (details to follow)". By "pre-order DLC", I more meant day 1 DLC that you can buy before the game releases rather than pre-order bonuses.

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    Resurrecting this thread after listening to the recent podcast about Telltale.
    Bosman and Damiani say they didn't like Guardians but loved Batman.
    This is an objectively bad opinion to have.
    That is all.

  • @el-shmiablo I haven't played Guardians but I really like Batman season 1, so I ain't buying it.

  • I'm not too fond of the open world trend.
    Also, I'm not woman, but I would imagine that if I were, getting on my tits (with my consent) would be a positive experience

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    @bard91 Having played the vast majority of TT games (including Sam & Max) I would honestly put Batman on the lowest possible end of the spectrum, while Borderlands and Guardians occupy the highest end.