Hard Axis - Hate and Contempt

  • I won't deny there's a degree of entitlement in gamers that goes a bit beyond what is reasonable, but from what I've seen, and I have not looked that much into it, A4 Games and the publisher's response to everything has been terrible and I can't help but think bad business.

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    @hanabi I mean, that certainly would have been nice of them to do this a little earlier, but they are in no way beholden to releasing their game on a specific platform.
    I'm not even angry at A4. Sometimes you have to treat the children like children. Don't want to buy it on EGS? Too bad. Won't buy it at all? No sequels for you.

    Such gross, disgusting entitlement. The fact that I see every other fake outrage Tuber posting videos like "Metro Dev THREATENS Gamers" is just pathetic.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Man that YouTuber entitlement kills me. Just fan entitlement in general.

    For example, my studio made a film that was funded through Indie Go Go. We were hired as a service company, it wasn’t our IP. It took a long time to release cause the budget was shoestring. Fans in the wait were like angry and violent - “I could have animated it in this time”.

    Just shuddup -__-

    But the provocateur youtubers are on another level...

  • @dipset
    What project if I may ask?

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    @dmcmaster God forbid people buy games because they enjoy them, and not because of shit like trading cards.
    It just shows how entitled the general gamer mindset is. I never see this in any other form of media.
    A TV show moves from one channel to the other? So do you.
    A book moves from one publisher to the other? So do you.
    A game moves from one storefront to the other? CRY HAVOC AND LET LOOSE THE DOGS OF WAR

    I agree with this 100%.

    Plus at this point i want to buy the game on my PS4 and on the epic store even though my laptop can't run the game.

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    @bam541 Uncharted Lost Legacy is the best Tomb Raider game of f this gen.

    That's EXACTLY what I thought while playing it! Thank you!

    Also from other thread now that I found the chance:

    @scotty said in Raging Rants:

    Takes a deep breath

  • I was watching the 2016 "The Gen That Was" and all The Last Guardian slander made me wanna yell "SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS IS MORE ANNOYING"

    People have rose tinted glasses with that game. I actually love it but pound for pound pain in the ass, SotC was waaaaaaay higher than TLG for me. Trico controlling wasn't hard, it's explained and he only acts like an asshole at the beginning. Must've been some horrible RNG otherwise.

  • @dipset Shadow of the Colossus is absolutely on my list of most overrated games.

  • @dipset To each its own but personally, played SotC (remake) the first time this gen and is absolutely among my favourites. On the other hand I found TLG to be pretty bad.

  • @phbz

    It's crazy cause I have the exact opposite experience.

    I played TLG then played SotC Remake as my first ever time playing SotC (however, I've seen a bit of the PS3 Remaster prior) and I felt like it was a much more frustrating experience at times. Especially the boss that was like a bull, and the final boss.

    Whereas I had no frustrations with TLG. I was in awe some the entire game.

    Again, I loved both games dearly, but SotC's controls and unresponsiveness and inconsistent physics annoyed me to no end at very specific times.

    I swear if we're comparing input/output problems in both games, SotC is waaaaaaaaaaay worse in my opinion.