Hard Axis - Hate and Contempt

  • Day 1/Pre-order DLC and people who defend it by saying "dude, do you know how much games cost to make?". No, I don't - and, likely, neither do you. And regardless, this is not crowdfunding. If a developer decides to make a game, there is an inherent risk in that process which they knowingly take on in the hopes of making a reasonable profit. As a consumer, it is not my responsibility to blindly negate that risk with a larger investment before even trying a game. It is the developer's job to convince me to invest more by first providing a strong product - not a product that clearly had parts designated as DLC in the early storyboard stages.

    Being told to stop complaining about how bad a game's gameplay is because the story/characters are so good. Games should be games first and storytelling in games in atrocious at best. And if you feel differently, that is totally fine but don't tell me I'm an idiot if I say I don't like the Witcher 3 because the combat isn't fun.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern you don't have to buy the product and preorders aren't final. I've preorder plenty of games where I don't buy the end product.

  • @iboshow Not to single you out but this is another common response. "You don't have to buy it". Of course I don't, but I still love videogames and want to play them. But if that means I have to endorse what I consider to be a slimy practice, I can't do it. But I am very much in the minority so I either get on board or find a new hobby - hence my frustration.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern If you don't buy it how do you endorse it?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I'm with you with Day One DLC. That does come across as sketchy, definitely a way to get more money.
    I'm less on board about preorder DLC. Games take time to make, so why is it surprising that they've planned more content after the initial release? Of course there are cases where the game is lacking in content when it's released, which does make preordered DLC iffy, but that's not every game.
    What I would love is for games to be more upfront about what their future DLC entails, so I know whether it's worth it.
    I HATE when it's just "Three future DLC packs". What does that mean!? Maps? Story? Modes? Tell me! That crap will get me ranting...

  • @inustar Totally. "Pre-order the season pass today (details to follow)". By "pre-order DLC", I more meant day 1 DLC that you can buy before the game releases rather than pre-order bonuses.

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    Resurrecting this thread after listening to the recent podcast about Telltale.
    Bosman and Damiani say they didn't like Guardians but loved Batman.
    This is an objectively bad opinion to have.
    That is all.

  • @el-shmiablo I haven't played Guardians but I really like Batman season 1, so I ain't buying it.

  • I'm not too fond of the open world trend.
    Also, I'm not woman, but I would imagine that if I were, getting on my tits (with my consent) would be a positive experience

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    @bard91 Having played the vast majority of TT games (including Sam & Max) I would honestly put Batman on the lowest possible end of the spectrum, while Borderlands and Guardians occupy the highest end.

  • Comparing Telltale games is like comparing shit to manure! A+ thread by the way :D

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    @ikataishou I don't think that is true, but then again I feel the same way regarding pretty much anything made by Idea Factory, Compile Heart, or any of the other mass producers of kusoge bullshit.

    Also, thanks!

  • Agent 47's lack of personality and character kills any drive or desire to play Hitman, like if IO took everything from the recent Hitman reboot but had a charcter with a James Bond like personality, maybe some lite dialog options and I guarantee I'd be on it in a heartbeat

  • I'd rather gouge out my eyes with an ice cream scooper than play another second of Final Fantasy IX. If I wanted sluggish combat, I'd just boot up an MMO on my low-end PC.

  • I agree with everything @BrawlMan said

    Also this is partially relevant - though tbh here is really the only place to be honest about games. I'm sick of lack of places where you can't​ have an informed view on things (Discord etc) like detailed. I'm on Resetera and damn at this rate it'll take 4 months until I can post a thread

    I kind of feel disincentivised commenting on subjective stuff like Lara Croft and Hitman's character because they're franchises and probably going to have more money coming from marketing first.

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    The general reaction that gamers have had towards Metro Exodus being exclusive to the Epic Game Store and the developers very logical reaction of saying future games may not come to PC if gamers don't buy it on PC because of fucking juvenile reasons like it being on one storefront and not another is frankly some of the most cringe worthy shit I've seen in a while and makes me feel embarrassed to associate myself with such spergs by way of also being a "gamer".

  • @el-shmiablo
    I can kinda understand where the Rage is coming from, announcing it 2-3 weeks away from release.
    Plus theres that chart floating around of pro/con list of mostly community stuff that Steam has but not Epic although its mostly small unimportant stuff, well unimportant to me like item Trading.

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    @dmcmaster God forbid people buy games because they enjoy them, and not because of shit like trading cards.
    It just shows how entitled the general gamer mindset is. I never see this in any other form of media.
    A TV show moves from one channel to the other? So do you.
    A book moves from one publisher to the other? So do you.
    A game moves from one storefront to the other? CRY HAVOC AND LET LOOSE THE DOGS OF WAR

  • @el-shmiablo
    I've seen plenty of people in the past complain when a TV show hops from one channel to another, hell I've seen people complain when a show gets moved from one time slot to another. Hell in the past either one could of been the death of any given TV show, especially if it's time slot was competing with something bigger then it as a Recent example, remember when The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones both aired at 10pm, before AMC bumped it to 9pm.
    And God forbid a show went from the Monday-Thursday prime time slots to Friday, that was basically the death slot for many shows.

    Granted that doesn't happen as much anymore since Hulu and Netflix became more prominent over time, and will probably be extinct soon now that major broadcasters (FOX,CBS,NBC,ect) are now actually paying attention to viewership on said services instead of ignoring them.

  • @el-shmiablo See now if this call was made with the game's announcement or at the very least months and months in advance I'd get it, but doing it at the 11th hour doesn't come across as healthy competition. It comes across as Epic using their money to try and pressgang people into using their client. I know it's crazy, but this almost makes the David and Goliath situation Epic and Valve are in feel reversed.