Is There Any Movie Title That Would Be An Interesting Game?

  • So far the last few years Telltale has touched comic books and some other licenses in the last few years. We have also seen the Lego games take on some movie licenses as well. Do you think we could get a full fledged game anytime soon and what would you like to see?

  • Not a movie but I would love to see an Archer game. I'm not the hugest fan of Uncharted but I think Naughty Dog would be the team to do it right.

  • Again, not quite movie, but having tried a couple of takes for NGE, they can do so much better.

  • Oldboy is the first thing I thought of, just not by Telltale or Lego please.

  • @mbun And now I am envisioning that hallway sequence in Lego...

    I would love to see a Lego Muppet game actually. Otherwise I would love a good game set in the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe.

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    It's not a stretch to imagine this as a The Last of Us type of game. It's going to have both FPS, stealth, and traversal elements. Probably both Leon and Mathilda as playable characters depending on the scenario. There will be training sequences, like the rooftop sniper scene, and etc. Where Leon coaches you on how to use the eqiupment. BUT also, watering the plant and charades mini-games.

  • @inustar
    I swear I've seen a Lego recreation of the hall fight on some random Facebook page.

    I'd love to see TellTale do a Venture Bros game (felt like a giant tease for one putting Brock in Poker Night 2)
    Also how can you not want a game with Evil David Bowie

  • Superman is the game i would really like to see Telltale take on. I think Insomniac could do a good Daredevil game

  • I think 'Inception' could be so so interesting as a game - know there has been a bit of talk about it in the past too from C Nolan. The dreams within dreams concept just has so many possibilities. Would love a unique story, but in the same world as the movie.

    Think it would need a big budget / AAA team to make it really good though - could see it easily descending into a confusing, murky mess of a game if it didn't get the right treatment.

    If they got Hans Zimmer to do the soundtrack too...

    'Interstellar' could be real cool too, but it feels like there are more games out there to scratch that itch.

  • I really think Scarlet Witch has a great power/moveset that a studio like Sucker Punch could have a lot of fun with.

    A proper Matrix game would be best timeline.

    Inception, John Wick, Baby Driver, etc.

  • @rarmstar

    Evil Within 1 & 2 are as close as we're going to get to an Inception game.

    I would like to see Redline as an extreme arcade racer with high quality cel-shaded graphics.
    alt text

    With a kick-ass soundtrack to boot.

    Also, if anyone is interested, take a look at this: Spiritual Adaption Video Games.

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