TV - What Are You Watching

  • @naltmank I agree that this was a somewhat weird style chosen for the series, it was a bit like poor fps in some scenes especially. It took an episode or two to adjust to (and still caught my eye every now and then later on), but I grew not to mind it too much. The story beats and the characters' relationships and dialogue were so captivating to me that they easily overshadowed that visual choise.

  • New season of Bojack Horseman is out... I'm ready to be hurt again.

  • Followed in @sentinel-beach's footsteps and watched The Dragon Prince. Lots of potential here, though I am a bit disappointed with the direction they started taking with the villain in the last couple of episodes. It's also frustrating to me that even a 24 minute episode/9 episode season can still suffer from Netflix bloat. This could've easily been trimmed down to a brisk and thrilling 2-2.5 hour movie, and that might've allowed for more budget to be allocated into the animation. Still really hopeful for where the series goes, since when it's good it's REALLY good. I'd give it a solid B+, and it has the potential to become an all-timer.

  • Caught up on The Good Place's first two seasons. New Season drops this week, I think.

  • I am watching series by Andy Yeatman lately. It all started when we were at my cousin’s place. She has been watching the show for a very long time and she even told me that he doesn’t work with Netflix anymore, which mean that his content will not be available in future.

  • I've watched 1 1/2 seasons of The Fall. I'm hooked.

  • been watching OJ Simpson vs The People. Really good show

  • Banned

    Batman the Animated Series on Blu-ray, Samurai Jack on Blu-ray and Rick and Morty season 3 on Blu-ray. Waiting for FX's The Shield to arrive (on Blu-ray) before the end of the year. Never seen The Shield, but heard good things.

    I haven't streamed for a long time. I don't like feeling like I have to watch enough episodes from Netflix's limited selection of shows in a month to make the subscription feel worth it. I want to be able to take my time.

  • Just watched the first episode of Tokusatsu Gagaga. It's a show about a toku geek trying to get through daily life without her co-workers finding out about her obsession. I don't know how many people here care about shows like Super Sentai or other tokusatsu series but if you're a fan of them you have to check it out.

  • Watching Thunderbolt Fantasy right now. I wouldn't be surprised if someone said the fact that it's puppetry is a turn-off but don't let it be, this show is intense. Also, it's written by Gen Urobuchi if that means anything to you.

  • Umbrella Academy is decent.

  • I rewatched Men Behaving Badly and the first two series of Harry Enfield and Chums. Absolutely hilarious. 90's humour never gets old.

  • I've been watching The Worst Chefs in America with ye olde girlfriend and whatdoyaknow, it's inspired us to cook more! Luckily, we aren't disasters like the people in the show though.

    Also, rewatching Archer for the third time because it was missing in my life.

  • @sabotagethetruth could not tell you how many times I have watched the first 4 seasons of Archer.

  • I just watched the 3rd episode of The Mandalorian and it was great. I recommend it to anyone who is even have a little sympathy for SW universe.

  • The Watchmen, holy smokes it's so good!

  • And just like that, after four fantastic seasons, Mr. Robot is over. The finale is everything I could have asked for and more, and manages to offer one final twist that ties the whole thing together. I'm honestly blown away that the twist fits in so well with everything that has happened in the show, answering questions that I didn't even know I had. There are some small things still left ambiguous, but I think some things are better left a mystery.

    This final episode was beautiful. It made me cry, which granted isn't that hard to do but still. I think it's the definition of bittersweet. I could go on for hours about how affecting this ending is, but nobody has time for that, so I'll leave you with one, final, amazing fact: it ends with M83's Outro and it actually manages to feel poignant.

    Farewell, old friend.

  • Hmm, old thread. Anyway, I was just watching the last episode of Stargirl. As it aired in America on CW, I was worried at first that it would be just like any CW show (like Arrow, Flash, Supergirl or Batwoman). But as far as I know it is just syndicated at CW and is more a DC original show like Titans, Doom Patrol or Swamp Thing, … but better. As the other shows do not seem to have any notable narrative, as the protagonists are more occupied with themselves, Stargirl reminded me off maybe early Buffy or something. Have to admit, I was a bit surprise, that the show does not have any LGBTQ characters or things that people would call progressive these day, no this show is somewhat just lighthearted, a bit “all American” as you might suspect but it was just a simple and conclusive story in 13 episodes without much distractions, that I did not expect to enjoy as much as I did. Maybe some people would find it cringy but is was just what I needed. There is still some stuff and characters that were hinted at for a second season, so I hope we get one. But for anyone who can get access to these episodes and is somewhat of a DC fan, I would like to recommend it. I do not often do the but maybe give this show a change.

  • Just finished the second season of Thunderbolt Fantasy. I can't really say much about it since even giving the most basic plot synopsis would involve massive spoilers for the end of the first season but just trust me on this, both seasons are a 10 and you should check them out.

  • Given up on Lovecraft Country, too much crappy CGI and action oriented. Then gave Perry Mason a go and really enjoyed the first episode, way more dark and moody than what I was expecting.