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  • WandaVision

    First MCU Disney+ show. Two episodes at the beginning were really boring and bland but after that it just kept getting better each week. Finale was satisfying, couldn't care less about people's dissapointment because their theories didn't happen. I knew what I was expecting from it, sure some other 1-2 surprises would be welcome too but I'm not mad at the ending. My only complaint is even though it had better budget than most of the tv shows, VFX was still worse than an MCU movie,

    especially in the final battle between Agatha and Wanda. Also that fight was not fun to watch, I prefer hand-to-hand kind of combat to exchanging lights everyday!

    Wanda's costume is AWESOME!

    Can't wait to see more of White Vision too!

    Speaking about him, Ship of Theseus was a great scene to watch. His farewell to Wanda was really sad too. talking about how he always comes back in some different forms etc. ''So long darling...''. :'(

    Another season I finished is Brooklyn Nine-Nine's 5th season.

    I can't get enough of this show and its characters. Sure, I really want to punch Gina in her face everytime she mocks with Amy but other than that it's great!

    Season finale was really emotional too, I got watery eyes. :') Still have 6th and 7th seasons to watch but can't help feeling sad about the news that it will be finished with 8th season. :/ Best sitcom ever!

  • Don't know if anyone is watching Invincible, but the most recent episode is legitimately one of the best episodes of television I've ever watched. The only other thing within the past five years that has gotten my heart to pump as fast is Uncut Gems. Every little thread that was introduced throughout the season was developed on here, even things that I had forgotten about came back and managed to be incredibly important. Not a scene wasted.

    This is proving to be one of the few comic book shows that is making me interested enough to read the comic. I can hardly wait for the next episode to see where the story goes, let alone the next season.

  • @capnbobamous When I first started watching Invincible I wasn't sure if I liked it or not, due to it's dark theme making me afraid to get attached to any character. But, after each episode ended I was more and more excited to see the next one. By the 5th episode I realized that I was looking forward to the next weeks episode more than any show I have watched in recent memory.

    Many of my coworkers have read and are big fans of the comics. I asked if the reason that Invincible is getting adapted is that Robert Kirkman's (the creator of The Walking Dead) name is on it or if Invincible is well made and worthy of adapting. Their response was that The Walking Dead is the worst thing Kirkman has made and the show we are getting is one of the most faithful adaptations they have ever seen.

  • I've been watching Ramy on HBO. It's a series about a Muslim guy growing up is the US as he struggles to find his place between tradition and the nihilism of modern society. Both thought provoking and funny as hell.

  • Finished the The Falcon and the Winter Soldier two weeks ago but I was too lazy to write anything about it. So here it goes:

    Overall it was a fine season but nothing extaordinary unfortunately, guess I shouldn't have expectations from MCU's D+ side anymore after felt the same with WandaVision which was better than this series btw. Main problem was it had too much sub-plots so couldn't focus all of them with the same manner. Villian was bad, Bucky didn't get enought material and was nerfed in terms of power, Sam was reall bland and weakly wrote until last 2 episodes, Sharon's direction is nothing I care from now on. With all that said John Walker is a good addition to this universe and I really liked what they did with him in this season. Wings&shiled combo is great to watch in aciton scenes and Falcon's Cap's flight never looked more beatiful than this before.


    Sam's speech was too corny and cringe after a while because it went for too long and Mackie didn't deliver it powerful enough. Just compare it with Chris Evan's freedom speech from WS to see the difference.

  • I'm currently watching His Dark Materials, a BBC series based on a trilogy of novels by the same name.
    Just started the second season I'm absolutely blown away. This is everything I wanted from a love action adaptation. The casting, the visuals, the atmosphere, it is all SPOT ON...


    Except for that fucker right there.
    Lin Manuel FUCKING Miranda.
    Literally the worst part of the show, and actively ruining my enjoyment. He is so polar opposite to the character in the books that I honestly wonder what the fuck happened. Who thought that that fucker could play THIS BADASS?


    Literally everything surrounding him is incredible and I haven't been this excited about a show in a very long time, but FUCK YOU LIN MANUEL MIRANDA YOU WERE THE WORST PART OF HAMILTON TOO STICK TO WRITING MUSICAL YOU DUMB FUCK

  • @el-shmiablo said in TV - What Are You Watching:

    Literally everything surrounding him is incredible and I haven't been this excited about a show in a very long time, but FUCK YOU LIN MANUEL MIRANDA YOU WERE THE WORST PART OF HAMILTON TOO STICK TO WRITING MUSICAL YOU DUMB FUCK

    LMM talk "rapping" Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones" is single handedly the corniest thing I've ever seen in my life and I've seen a grown man sip a water bottle with two hands like a child scared to spill his juice.

    I will literally N E V E R watch Hamilton for that reason.

  • Finishing The Man in the High Castle, which was never amazing but it has some really good characters ruined by some really bad ones. The penultimate episode is just so bad that I couldn't stop laughing. It's like they found out that the series wasn't going to be renewed and tried to cram a whole season into one single episode, every 5 minutes you had something major happening.

    I'm hoping the last episode slows things down and makes for a somewhat satisfying final.

  • @dipset I mean, I absolutely adore Hamilton and think that LMM is actually a great writer, but he is a horrible actor and usually the worst part of anything he is in.
    In super excited about the In The Heights movie, but also expecting to do a lot of eye rolling whenever his self insert character is on the screen.

  • Invincible

    Mix of Spider-Man and Superman with a lot of gore and some mature content as well. My main love for it comes from its realistic approaches to a world with superheroes and villians and how it affects people in everyday life. You will understand what I'm saying more and more after every episode.

    All I will say without spoiling is you should definitely see the first episode before decide to not watch.

    It's better than both of Disney+ MCU shows and The Boys' second season. Up there with The Boys first season and that is saying something.

    If you like super hero genre, you should check it out!