TV - What Are You Watching

  • So i have been catching up on Legends Of Tomorrow lately. The second season gets a lot better than the first one. What shows are you guys currently watching?

  • Nothing, I stopped watching TV in 2011 shortly after the end of Stargate Universe (which was already not that great) and at that time it was already pretty much the only thing left I watched so I only turned on my satellite receiver on for that because nothing else interested me anymore.
    On DVD I'm currently watching The Real Ghostbusters which my brother bought the whole series recently and I've been borrowing the disks he has watched already. I've only ever saw the german dub of it on TV as child so naturally I wanted to check out the original english dub, but after 2 episodes I had to switch to german dub, like, these weren't some no name VA's right? They sound so unprofessional, I was baffled, what a rare case when the german dub is superior (like seriously it's a really good dub). EXCEPT that they call Gozer Gonan, even though the german dub of the movie calls it Gozer.

  • Kamen Rider usually has this thing where it gets into a slump around the mid-point since it's a yearlong show that just can't maintain momentum story-wise and tends to fall back on "beat up a new monster every week until we get back on track," but Kamen Rider Build's avoided that pretty well so far. Something is always advancing and the show has just kept ramping up every week. It's also gotten very creative with the cinematography and had a ton of memorable shots (this is my personal favorite, massive spoilers for Episode 13 onwards though.) I think it might just end up replacing Blade as my favorite Rider series by the end.

  • Legends of Tomorrow season two is great. They figured out that people wanted fun time hijinks rather than the hawk drama from season one.

    I am currently watching Legion which is amazing! I continue to have no idea what is going on, but the ride is a lot of fun. Also been watching a lot of soapy korean/taiwanese shows on Netflix for some reason.
    The BF and I also keep up with Lucifer, Shield, and Gotham... so most of the comics shows.
    Oh! Brooklyn 99 which is an amazingly great sitcom. Andre Braugher is a treasure.

  • I tried Star Trek Discovery on Netflix...then wish I had not. It's become a small buzzword as of late, but if you ever want to honestly watch something to understand why some people scream SJW at a piece of media, you need look no further than this piece of rubbish. As a huge Trek fan, I've never been more disgusted with the handling of this franchise, I'd much rather watch the disappointing Star Trek Nemisis.

  • The BF and I just finished season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow and that was one of the most fun seasons of a show that I've ever watched. Lots of great comic easter eggs for fans, and some great character moments. They really have embraced the silliness of time travel and how much fun you can have with that.
    I also love it when shows have fun with the past roles of some of their actors, and this had a great one with Victor Garber referencing his role in the movie Titanic.
    Can't wait til season 4 when I get my Constantine back full time.

  • In a similar vein to Damiani and Huber I'm making my way through Dragon Ball Z! Currently in the middle of the Cell saga, and things are heating up!!!!

    On the side I'm still trying to finish the 2nd season of Jessica Jones (bit of a slooooow buuuuuurn).

    A bit random/niche, but the most recent series of the UK version of MasterChef just finished and it was amazing! Something about normal people trying to cook really good food just really hooks me in! :LL

  • i have been watching Supergirl, and it is actually really fun after the horrible 1st season. The second season also had some really bad episodes, but really picks up

  • Going through Dragon Ball Super, it's fun to have brand new episodes for my childhood anime. I didn't like the first couple arcs but I understand they were adaptations of movies, things are getting better now. Although the exponential power levels and dozens of different Super Saiyan versions are getting ridiculous, it makes 90% of the cast irrelevant (which started with the Buu saga in my opinion).

  • @axel is the entire english dub available?

  • @the_andredal Not sure, I watch in Japanese with subtitles.

  • @axel k, because i don't like the japanese dub on Dragonball, i like everything else though like Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail, etc

  • Currently Rewatching Stargate SG1, so good!

  • almost done with season 2 of Supergirl, and they massively improved that show

  • Just finished Season 4 of Black Mirror. I'm struggling to remember every episode from every season but this one felt a little less consistent than 1-3. It was still really good but just not my favourite. The allegory was still there and frequently left me in thought for days but some episodes were a little on the nose. Even still, at its worst, Black Mirror is still entertaining. Another great season, just not the greatest yet.

  • I’ve been re-watching Pushing Daisies. It’s definitely my favorite TV show ever. It just really gels with my taste in storytelling. It’s really a shame that it only got 2 seasons since there’s a ton of unresolved plot points. But it’s still a great watch.

  • Banned

    Rewatching Seinfeld. I bought the DVD boxset in late February and am now on the second to last season. I haven't watched actual TV in ten years.

  • @michemagius I adore Bryan Fuller's tv shows. They may not always be perfect but they are always interesting, and usually beautiful.
    Pushing Daisies is my favourite but Dead Like Me and Hannibal are great.
    It may have been rushed, but I like that they did manage to give Pushing Daisies a quick wrap up after it was cancelled.

    I should rewatch it.... Well I guess I won't be watching Luke Cage season 2 this week!

  • @inustar Dead Like Me is great, it’s been a while since I watched it so I’m probably due for a rewatch myself. I never finished Hannibal, which I regret because it was very intriguing, just got sidetracked.

  • I binged several seasons of unbreakable kimmy schmidt while I was travelling last week. That's a pretty good show.