What is your favourite Point & Click Adventure game?

  • A simple question as it's a genre I personally love, what's your favourite P&C game that you've played?

    Oh, and despite my opinion that the recent Telltale adventure games (games like Heavy Rain and Until Dawn included), don't really fit the bill, I still want to allow them.

  • This is a hard one. The first one i really got into was broken sword. The artstyle, music and characters really captured me. Although one of my all time favourites would be grim fandango for the story, setting and humour. Other notable mentions would be syberia and discworld. If I had to pick one I think it would have to be broken sword.

    A shout out to the chzo/trilby series aswell. An indie horror poiny and click. If you can get past the simple graphics, its one of the best horror story, point and click games ever. Starts with 5 days a stranger which is a simple horror story about folks trapped in house and concludes with 6 days a sacrifice, which is a crazy story that ends the saga. Awesome.

    Edit: messed up.

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    I recently played the Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy and as a fan of the comics it was just a great big joygasm.

    I've played Until Dawn multiple times with the wifey. Good times. Basically an homage to all the genres of horror movie in game form.

    I actually have a giant boner for Detroit Become Human and can't wait to play that.

  • @el-shmiablo i really hope detroit become human is good. Loved heavy rain, was dissapointed at beyond, even though i enjoyed the ride.

  • Thanks for your reply's. @Ellis Broken Sword is also my favourite, so nice to see a fan.

    @El-Shmiablo I'm also really looking forward to it, it combines a number of interests of mine. I really like Heavy Rain, but I do think they could of allowed for more player input.

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    Do the Money Island games count? Must say they are some of my favourites!

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    @ellis Did you play Beyond in "Remix" mode? It makes the story play out chronologically, which I found to be much more enjoyable.

    @Sheria I like how they've really gone all out with how decisions effect the game in Detroit, though really hate that they've essentially ruined 3 scenes from the game by already showing you every possible outcome in those trailers for the characters.

    @lotias said in What is your favourite Point & Click Adventure game?:

    Money Island


  • The first Broken Sword, The Secret of Monkey Island, and I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream are probably my 3 favorites.

    I haven't played a ton from this century however.

  • Monkey island is ok so i guess that. but i just didnot like this genre. theres just not much gameplay and rely too much on puzzles and dialogues.

    imo these games lack replay value because once you figure out all puzzles and what to do. i dont think there is the reason to play it again unlike other genres like FPS.

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    @black-cell You're totally right. Why would people enjoy engaging games that make you think and have great stories when they can just shoot the mans?

  • Day of the Tentacle.

  • My very first one was Phantasmagoria. I beta tested it for Sierra.

  • @el-shmiablo said in What is your favourite Point & Click Adventure game?:

    @black-cell You're totally right. Why would people enjoy engaging games that make you think and have great stories when they can just shoot the mans?

    FPS do have great stories. Metro series for example have excellent story. probably better than most RPGs.

    but i was just talking about how they lack replay value. if people like adventure games than good for fans. but i cant get into the genre.

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    @black-cell The majority of point n click adventures have branching paths with multiple endings, so I don't see how that lacks replay value.
    That you give Metro, perhaps one of the most linear and scripted games of last gen, such high praises while admonishing point n clicks for lacking replay value, is some straight clownshoes my dude.

  • Metro does not have a great story. World building - not bad. The story is just going around tunnels killing monsters.

    Fyi, I asked about Point-and-click games a few months ago looking for recommendations. I've played a few now and I have to say that I really really love Life Is Strange and Life Is Strange: Before the Storm.

    They have flaws, especially in dialogue and acting (I don't understand why every sentence is delivered fragmented because nobody speaks like this), BUT these games just gripped me so much. You really get sucked into Arcadia Bay between the recurring characters and locations. The locations are especially gripping and towards Chapters 3-4 you begin to feel like you even know the orientation of the entire town.

    I highly recommend these games.

  • Shadowgate (2014) is my new favorite point 'n click. I like these types of fantasy settings but I think what really made it stick with me is the quality of the overall presentation and how it enhanced my experience. Mechanically, it is a puzzle-solver first and a story-game second, but I completed the journey with many memorable and emotive moments thanks to an immersive context surrounding all the puzzle solving activities. The music and sound in particular does a great job at setting the atmosphere.

  • Grim Fandango

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    I haven't really played any point and click-esque games outside of Telltale games where my favorite is easily the first season of The Walking Dead.

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    Started playing Telltale's Batman the other day. Maybe it is just because Guardians of the Galaxy is so good, but this is some straight trash. I'm on episode 3 and have had direct control of Bats for about 15 seconds. Everything else has been "dial a fight scene", not to mention that the game runs and looks terrible, even on my Pro. At least GotG looks good (dem skin shaders) and ran decently. I guess thay Disney money is the real hotness.

  • The first one I ever really loved was Full Throttle. It's great fun, even if some of puzzles are ludicrously convoluted.

    As to more recent ones, things that have already been mentioned like Life Is Strange and Until Dawn. I also enjoyed Broken Age quite a lot.