Sonic Adventure... Good or Bad?

  • So I've recently been playing Sonic Adventure for the first time ever and I gotta say, I haven't been overly impressed. I got the impression from the internet that this was one of the beloved Sonic games so I was excited to start playing it!

    While I think the game has some great ideas and I'm having some genuine fun playing it, the game is soo jank that I get way too frustrated and I get taken out of the fun way too easily. I honestly don't know if it really holds up.

    So I wanted to hear the Allies thoughts on this game! Do you think it's good or bad? Does it hold up in your opinion and why?

    I can't deny that first stage is sick, but the game just has some big problems.

  • The game hasn't aged very well tbh.

  • Banned

    You kinda needed to be there.
    When that game first came out, there was nothing like it. The graphics were mind blowing, the sense of speed unparalleled. Playstation was old and busted. Dreamcast was the new hotness.
    Today the game is a janky mess, but the first time you booted that 19 years ago it blasted your fucking dick clean off.

  • All of my experience with Sonic came in the last 10 years and I loved the 2D games, I bought Adventures for the PS3 really cheap maybe a couple of years ago and I too was completely unimpressed by it, and I dont think I got very far into it, as I just wasn't enjoying it enough to keep going.

  • I agree with @El-Shmiablo. It was incredible to behold at the time, and the variety of gameplay types coupled with the action, bosses, chao-raising... I imagine it would be tough for a newcomer to get into it at that level, but I personally still have a blast every time I boot it back up. A lot of it comes from familiarity and knowing how to maneuver around the jank; I can enjoy the speed and action to the fullest with minimal frustrations, and it still feels great.

  • In my eyes, it's the video game equivalent of A Charlie Brown Christmas. It's clearly a rushed production with all the flubbed lines and animation errors, but the people behind it put their heart and soul into it. When it comes on every year, I might laugh at how stilted and repetitive the dancing scene is, but I'll still be smiling when they all sing Hark the Herald Angels Sing. It's janky as all hell and on an objective level, it's not really all that good. But I love it warts and all.

  • I never played it when it released but I'm 99% sure I played it on GameCube when I was a kid as well as Sonic Adventure 2 and it kinda sucked back then too. I played it because as a little kid, I actually liked the cheesy music, the attitude of Sonic, and the ridiculous side characters like Shadow. In fact, I thought he was cool.

    The intro levels to both games I remember being pretty cool but I always felt like I was never playing the game right. I didn't get the combat and I would always get stuck on objects and I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong. Like the railings should just slide, ya know?

    Moral is to always be skeptical when considering playing Sonic or accepting a positive review of Sonic that isn't Genesis-era. Safety first!

  • I've beaten it many a time on the Dreamcast, but I did actually re-visit it recently though, through the PSNow service. The game is still an absolute joy to play, with very little to fault. While I do agree with many, that Sonic is at its best when done in 2D, this is still the best 3d Sonic game I've played. It's got some wonderful set-pieces, paced out well across the adventure, most of its levels are also well varied and distinct. The choice to throw adventure elements into the mix was also a bold move that thankfully worked out really well, it's just a shame they never really evolved or built upon that in any of the other 3D games, even its direct sequel cut out virtually all of the inbetween mission segments.

    Having multiple characters, each with their own intertwining arc was also wonderful idea. Sonic’s levels offer some fantastic speed-platforming segments that feel fluid and smooth, but still house that all important learning curve to both the level itself, and the games controls. In with all that though you've got a decent amount of variation throughout in order to keep things interesting, be it playing in the casino, or tackling an on the rails shoot'em-up segment. Add to this the, variation in game styles that also comes with each of the characters, and you've got an awful lot to love in Sonic Adventure.

  • Sonic Adventure 1 was an amazing game for it's time, but it is one of those games that pushed the boundaries so violently that they produced something incredible at the time that became more of a mess as the unpolished, less focused elements aged. Sonic Adventure 2 on the other hand had just enough time to smooth out lots of what makes 1 so rough today and come together as a more polished, complete package that mostly holds up today. I still think the scope of the story with playing from both sides and then coming together at the end is really cool, and I can't think of many other games that have done it successfully even today. Obviously there's some nostalgia smoothing over the rough spots for most people when they rave about the Adventure games, but as you yourself admitted they do contain some sick, unforgettable stages and moments that make trudging through the rest worth the tour.
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  • I played Sonic Adventure 2 to death. Man I love that game. I don't want to play it again and risk spoiling my memories of it.

  • @mbun pretty much. i do miss the hub worlds of 1 though. 2 is still pretty jank sometimes but the level design is way better than 1

  • Bad.

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  • @sabotagethetruth said in Sonic Adventure... Good or Bad?:


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    I'd say hasn't aged well, but that does not excuse...THAT! Even Big's voice actor hates the character, and intentionally forgot how to do the voice. All in all, SA2 is the better game, but the best 3D Sonic game is Generations.

  • @sabotagethetruth not gonna lie I love Big the Cat. He's just a chill dude that wants to hang out with his frog bro and fish all day. Playing as him is a different story though.

  • @hanabi In a game about going fast, there's no room for fishing and a weird romance between a frog and a cat.

    Why is he wearing a belt if he doesn't have pants?

  • I played it for the first time about 4 years ago, i remember really enjoying the Sonic stages but hating the hub worlds. There's not much jank from what i remember, and i really love the "Dreamcast" feel of the graphics. I wish they made it only Sonic stages though, everyone else's stages just doesn't even compare, and really hold the game back for me.

  • @sabotagethetruth How do I downvote a post?

  • The quality of the game aside, this thread reminds me that different fans seek different things from Sonic. Speed is definitely an element, but several games favor more precise platforming in many sections. I adored the hub and the other types of gameplay in Adventure (yes, even the fishing), but I also know that many prefer Adventure 2’s streamlined approach or Generation’s leaning towards a more “traditional” Sonic vibe. I’m just a weirdo who values different things.

    Do you think that a Sonic game (beyond a Mania-style throwback) could satisfy even a majority of people? I know you can never please everyone, but expectations are all over the spectrum as to what Sonic should be.

  • @billy I think you could potentially please a vast majority of people. The thing with Sonic Adventure is that there are some great ideas in the game! The hub worlds are fine and playing as other characters is not inherently a bad idea. I think the problem is lack of execution. If they could streamline each aspect of the game and make it better, I think we would have a pretty awesome Sonic game. I like a lot of the ideas in Sonic adventure, they just aren't executed well.

    To be fair though, I haven't played as Big the Cat yet so my mind could change.

  • @billy You can never satisfy the majority of Sonic fans with a single game. Even Mania upset a lot of people when it was announced just because it wasn't an Adventure throwback, or a "real" new game (before Forces was shown afterwards.)

    Thing is Sonic has been so many different things over the years, all of which with their own fans, that it's really hard to please the fanbase since there's like a dozen different fanbases within the banner that is the Sonic fanbase. Some want a return to classic-style gameplay, some want more boosting. Some want a focus on the freedom fighters from the Archie comics and some don't want a story at all.