What Comic Book/Character Would You Like To See As A Game?

  • I would really, really like to see a good Superman game. The only one that could handle it atm, is Telltale. They could tell a story and not focus on his powers in gameplay. Maybe Platinum could do something with Green Lantern or Flash, that would be interesting to see. But Superman is the character i would like to see the most

  • Superman, though I would like a game that gets the flying right finally. I would also love a Telltale game that focused on story, especially if it keeps his relationship with Lois and his son. The Rebirth series has been great.

    Otherwise I'd have to stay away from flying characters... so a Moon Knight game could be interesting, especially if you include his mental state in the concept.

    I would have said Avengers as well, but hopefully that Square Enix game comes out and is great.

  • Banned

    I think I've mentioned this before, but Scarlet Witch has a powerset that could be really fun in an Infamous style game.

    Wonder Woman NEEDS a game.

    X-Men are looong overdue for a new game.