Which Old Gaming Franchise Would You Reboot And Add A New Twist Or Gameplay Elements To?

  • I think Max Payne is something i would really like to see with a whole different take. The slow mo effect could be interesting if there was perhaps choices in the story, where you could have different path's you could take, while also making the world bigger

  • Katamari Damacy battle royale. lol

    100 katamari, you roll up whatever you can, you encounter another katamari - the bigger one rolls up the smaller one and the smaller one now becomes part of the bigger one.

    You end up with two planet sized katarmari fighting over volume and density, where an ounce here or there can be the difference.

  • Suikoden is my answer for sure, and I don't know that I would change much to it, to be fair I've only played five but it is one of my favorite JRGPs and games in general so even if I haven't delved deep into the series I would love a continuation of the series, sadly it is owned by Konami which is a fate worse than death.

  • The Lost Kingdoms series, Fromsoft's forgotten pair of action RPGs on the Gamecube. The main gameplay concept of Lost Kingdoms is that you don't have any innate actions or abilities yourself, they are all derived from enemy attack animations and spells. So everything from performing a basic weapon swing, to casting a spell, to summoning a familiar is done by activating a "card" (in real time) corresponding to an enemy that possesses such an attack animation or spell.

    FromSoftware's combat design obviously has come a long way since their pre-Souls days, and I think they could design a new Lost Kingdoms game that uses the modern action RPG control scheme and mechanics that they have since invented. Specifically, the Lost Kingdom's reboot would do away with mapping cards to buttons, and instead you "equip" a card and gain that enemy's entire moveset and abilities while it is equipped. (This also removes a limitation of the old design: in the LK games, each card only gives you access to one predefined attack animation or spell from that enemy, not everything that enemy is capable of doing).

    If you take a step back, there are shades of Kirby or Mario Odyssey's Cappy in what I am describing here, but within the context of 3rd person action RPG setting.

    FromSoftware has an affinity for dying and decaying worlds, so it might be pretty cool to not reboot Lost Kingdoms overtly as such but rather reboot LK as a brand new title where the player only discovers through clues in the lore text and the environment that they are living in the ruins of Lost Kingdom's world.

  • @tokyoslim And for that reason, I'm in!

    Seriously you should pitch it to them ;)

  • Assassin's Creed with a coherent narrative in mind. The first game was clearly a flawed yet groundbreaking labour of love. The sequel threw the story out the window and stuck to making a beautiful world and gamey elements at the sacrifice of what was a really interesting premise.

    Make Assassin's Creed with its original pitch: compelling historical fiction, a period piece with a photorealistic open world, fluid traversal, and non-linear stealth assassinations. I know it sounds weird to say make Assassin's Creed like Assassin's Creed but this series went off the rails so fast god knows what these games even are anymore.

  • @chocobop

    I was a little bit lost just because I never played the original Lost Kingdoms so I'm having difficulty imagining what this game looked like, but the idea of applying the Cappy mechanic to a tight third person action game sounds really amazing.

    I can imagine a game with a lot of speed and tight controls can get really interesting when you take the enemies move set for maybe a certain period of time or something. Mix that in with an oppressive dark fantasy atmosphere. That's how I'm imagining it at least. Cool idea!

  • Banned

    Streets of Rage.
    Drop-in/Drop-out online and splitscreen co-op with branching paths and multiple endings. Let the people who did Urban Reign handle the combat. Yuzo Koshiro comes back to work on the soundtrack, but collabs with more modern artists like Kaytranada, Noisia, and Mick Gordon for a more modern sound.

    Guardian Heroes. Literally just remake the original game but add Kirby and have George Kamitani do the art.

  • Medievil in the vein of RPGs like Witcher 3 would be cool for me, i don't think there's a big open-world story focused RPG that has a tone of goofiness throughout the story, and i would love for Medievil to be like that.

  • @el-shmiablo
    I see your Kirby

  • @chocobop that game your describing sounds alot like folklore on ps3

  • @el-shmiablo The SOR game sounds amazing. Too bad the Streets of Rage Remake happened, but I'm sure many people would be interested, me included, in buying it regardless.

    Comix Zone. I had have it play similar to Viewtiful Joe. The game would have cel-shading, have dodge mechanics, parry mechanics, be on a 2.5D/single plane, minor puzzle solving, breaking objects that don't take away your health, and a hard rock and grunge throwback.

    Sketch would transition from panel to panel like a comic book, and each chapter would have him take place in a different comic book. With a two act structure in each comic book. He can use the comics' environments to his advantage and he'll fight all sorts of baddies alike. Sketch would also get a super meter simiar to games like God Hand or DMC. The main villain will draw in new opponents like the original and will cheat by ripping or burning some pages to make things more difficult for our hero.

    There would be gameplay grading at the end of each chapter. The player would be graded on whether they took damage, how fast they were, and your combo score. The bigger you make your combo or multiplier without taking damage, the better your score. The three difficulties are Casual Comic Reader, Comic Fanboy, Comix Expert. And an unlockable difficulty called Master Sketch Artist that is very hard mode.

  • Zone of the Enders pod racer.

  • @el-shmiablo I was going to say Final Fight with more exploration and skill trees - like a Dragon's Crown or Guardian Heroes. Or even an RPG like Tales but with Street Fighter type battles and inputs.

    Street Fighter x Mega Man with 16-bit graphics and Mega Man X/Zero.

    Vanquish starring Casey Jones so he can incorporate other sports beyond the football toss into his killing of everything.

    Shadow of the Colossus x Evolve

    ...it's a slow day at the office

  • halo strategy game in the same vein of full spectrum warrior