Advice on Xbox Ecosystem

  • So i have been weighing my options on wether i should upgrade my pc or buy an Xbox. I really like the Forza games for instance, but that's pretty much all i would be using it for. How does the ecosystem work with the PC, can you play Forza games on PC and still get achievements? Are there any requirements i should know of? Because i don't really know which way i should go. I would have to upgrade my 8 year old pc to become better to run games properly that I feel are satisfying on a PC. I game mostly on consoles from day to day. I have a PS4 that i play 95% of the time. I play on pc from time to time, but only for specific games and smaller periods of time.

    So any advice?

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    Yes, Xbox games on PC works like they do on Xbox, you still get achievements, you invite your friends via XBL etc, if you have Windows 10 of course. Then you can use the Xbox app. Honestly, these days there's no real reason to own a XB1 if you have a gaming PC since all Xbox games end up on PC anyway.

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    Unless you are just absolutely dying to play Halo, upgrade dat PC.

  • @el-shmiablo thanks