How Powerful Do You Expect Next Gen To Be?

  • I would be really dissapointed of anything below 12 GB RAM and a massive upgrade to the graphics card and GPU. Seeing as Xbox One X and PS4 Pro have 4 capabilities. Do you think we are finally gonna have 60 FPS as an industry standard?

  • 60 FPS as an industry standard?

    nope, that ain't happening, price point required for the hardware needed for that would be on the high end for new consoles, and there's really no incentive for it, so long as there's increased complexity of visuals and effects taking place in games expecting consoles to run things at 60 fps with titles years after release the console is unrealistic

  • 60 FPS is up to the developers as well

  • @iboshow true

  • @iboshow said in How Powerful Do You Expect Next Gen To Be?:

    60 FPS is up to the developers as well

    Yeah, this. ^

    The base PS4 is currently capable of running 60fps games as "standard" if any devs thought it would be beneficial for them to target that instead of "better graphics". The devs that feel this way are already doing so. Most aren't.

    That means that with increased power - they will still prioritize these same other things over framerate. The PS5 could be 15 teraflops, and what you'd see is stuff like planetary physics, draw distance improvements, A.I. improvements, and 4K textures in HDR, and etc. before you'd see higher frame rates across the board.

  • @tokyoslim i wouldn't be able to run 1080p games that are massive though on 60 frames. Those are usually just for shooters and sports games

  • @the_andredal again, if you prioritized 60fps over graphics you could.

  • Not spending huge amount of resources on graphics --> cheaper game --> less sales to make a profit --> higher chance of a sequel/not making studios shutdown
    Not spending huge amount of resources on graphics --> probs not pushing the hardware to it's limit --> higher fps due to less load (if not shit optimised)(resolution plays a role too)

    I'd love a 60fps standard, but I do love me a game like Horizon which looks insane and has a smoooth and rock steady 30fps. I don't mind 30fps as long as it's rock solid and unwavering, as long as it's not in a reaction based, fast paced game.

    OT: More power overall. Hopefully a lot more ram for the devs to use! I would hope 4K native would be a thing, but I'm not betting on it. 3D audio as a standard would be amazing!

  • As someone who has a 4K TV and a PS4 Pro, when I put God of War into Performance Mode instead of Resolution I quickly changed it back to resolution because OMG it looks fucking amazing.

  • I think the leap in CPU performance (AI, Physics, and overall complexity in gameplay scenarios) is going to be bigger than people are expecting.

    I've been researching CPU and GPU architecture for my masters project and I've found that the bobcat cores used in both Xbox one and PS4 were very much designed for ease of customization and manufacturing. Not as CPU number crunching powerhouses.

    AMDs new architecture is quite impressive on the CPU front, I'd be surprised if they didn't leverage it for new console hardware.

  • Honestly hard too imagine how much better it could get. I know you could have said that every generation but its less the technical side and more the time it takes to make them. When did they start making god of war? When ps4 came out? Does That mean we get one game per franchise per console now?

  • What you say is true, tooling is quite important as well. The PS3 cell processor may have been powerful but it took ages for devs to learn to use it properly. What might be cool if new consoles stick with AMD is that this would be a rare case of console generations not having a drastic changes in architecture. So devs would spend less time re-working engines and tools and more time developing new stuff.

  • I wonder when "streaming games" becomes the new standard.
    I know Sony tried something like that out (streaming ps3 games) but I have not tried nor heard that much about it so I guess it wasn't a hit.
    I guess when they figure out latency and such, all you really need is a good tv and some kind of streambox.
    This feels like years away though.

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    Considering the difference between Kingdom Come on consoles and playing it on a high end PC, I'm expecting a pretty big leap, actually.

  • @kaliber considering video game file sizes i can see it happening. Might not ever need a console anymore if you could just stream it on a smart tv