Are you buying into VR this year?

  • I'm going in on PSVR to wet my feet and see what all the hubbub is. Then once I save enough, I'll upgrade my PC and get the second generation Vive since I hear its the beast VR headset out there now.

  • If gaming history has taught me anything, especially with nintendo: Virtual boy, Gameboy micro, Wii, Wii-U, or sega's 32X, etc it's that you don't early adopt new tech, ever.

    Same can be said of new PC hardware like GPUs. It's a fad, it's also been done before to some extent, and until it's had time to settle into gaming culture and actually HAVE software for it, there's no real point in buying into it, moreso given how much it costs, you could fund a lot of gaming or buy an actual console/build a PC for what it'll run you.

    I'm more upset that this is what's forcing the console re-iterations so soon into the life cycles of PS4/XB1 and there's no basis that this will still be around after a year whatsoever.

  • @Farsendor My stance aswell. I've tried 3D monitors and sure it looks cool but i still like 2D enviroments more. I'm sure if i test VR i would enjoy it but there's no way i would love it so much that i buy that over the new GTX1080. I'd rather play games in higher framerate than a very selective gamelibrary in VR.

  • @Minamik said in Are you buying into VR this year?:

    I'm not interested until I can actually demo something for myself, which I'm not sure will be happening in stores any time soon....It'd be like that thing at the eye doctor they use to blow a puff of air in your eye, where they have to wipe it down every time someone uses it to disinfect it. I don't want someone else's sweaty juice on my face...

    That is what happened at PAX. A lot of people got pink eye. :thermometer_face:

  • @Hesperus That's horrifying...I'll have to remember to bring some wipes next time I go VR testing.

  • @Hesperus PAX Pox has evolved.

  • Will wait until after E3 before making a choice. But the outlook is not looking good.

  • Hey, I work on VR content if anyone has any questions. Just shipped episode 1 of our game, The Gallery (currently Vive exclusive, porting to Rift and PSVR). Launch Trailer

  • I would love to see AR systems like Hololens be the primary developed VR technology. I really hate how you have to seal yourself from the world, especially your co-players, in order to play VR. Hololens gets me waaaay more excited than Oculus.

  • @sblomkamp said in Are you buying into VR this year?:

    Hey, I work on VR content if anyone has any questions. Just shipped episode 1 of our game, The Gallery (currently Vive exclusive, porting to Rift and PSVR). Launch Trailer

    As someone who works on that stuff, what's your take on getting it into people's hands so they can actually try it? Demo units in stores?

  • I don't now yet, tried some demos on the oculus but haven't found a more beefier game yet. a real VR-seller.
    And I've always been more of a console guy and the rumors that PSVR isn't running that great on the ps4 has made me more cautious of pre-ordering. I don't really wanna upgrade to ps4k yet.

  • I had the money for PSVR saved up. Had to dip into it when things got tight last month but should be able to save enough money again in time for launch

  • Day 1, no questions asked. No demo's needed. Jesus take the weel.

  • @myfatdad VR... The final frontier.

  • There are rumors PSVR will also work with PC? I'm just waiting to see how it actually performs in the field.

  • As a Xbox One-only gamer, I'm thinking about the PS VR and buying it with the PS4K. We'll see how it turns out and whether it will work "as advertised".

    What I am hoping to see tomorrow at the Xbox conference is a Xbox One Scorpio and Oculus Rift bundle. There hasn't been anything announced just yet but since Oculus Rift is bundled with a Xbox One controller, I can imagine them striking up a partnership very soon. :punch: Fingers croosed :relaxed:

  • My husband and I both jumped in at launch and purchased two Vives. Room scale VR with tracked controllers is amazing, and well worth saving up for! I could go on and on and gush, but really it's like everyone says: describing it never fully conveys the awesome. Trying it out is essential to fully appreciate it.

    I will caution that having some solid PC savvy is highly desirable to ensure a smooth gen one VR ownership experience. If you're already comfortable as a PC gamer and are hardware knowledgeable, you're a good way there.

  • My other issue I neglected to mention with VR is my vision issues, I have astigmatism. I have Gear VRs for when I bought my Galaxy S7 and the biggest issue with it is you can't wear glasses with that headset, and even with the focusing thing it has everything is super blurry and just gives me a headache.

    I would assume other companies did a better job than samsung, but as my first introduction to VR it's already a negative experience so I'm not eager to jump on it.

  • I am not buying into VR until it proves that it is here to stay and not a fad like motion controls.

  • Will go deep into Playstation VR once the PS4 Neo comes out.