Are you buying into VR this year?

  • I am not buying into VR until it proves that it is here to stay and not a fad like motion controls.

  • Will go deep into Playstation VR once the PS4 Neo comes out.

  • @Minamik yeah its tricky, coz VR really is highly dependent on actually trying it (im yet to demo to someone and they walk away a non-believer). Store demos are probably the best way. We do a lot of conventions too when we can, but thats a much smaller scale than store wide stuff. Failing that, buddying up with a pal who owns one i guess. The barrier to entry sucks, trust me. As a dev and a lover of the tech, i want nothing more than everyone to have a jolly time with it whenever they want.

  • I picked up a Vive. It is really cool if :

    1. You have the space
    2. You have a computer that can handle it

    The arcade type games like Holoball or Holopoint are great, but it would be nice to have a full blown AAA VR game (like that Fallout 4 announcement...)

  • I would love to get a HTC Vive but I don't have a gaming PC to support it. Oculus seems a bit paired down compared to the Vive so I'm not interested in that. At the moment PS VR looks great to me as a mass market-ish approach to the tech.

    I'm wanting to get more hands on with VR as a thing before deciding to buy though. There are a lot of cool tech demos, smaller games and "experiences" out there but no fully fledged AAA games from what I have seen. I'm guessing that will be covered in the second/third rounds of VR games for all three platforms.

  • I've posted this on the Patreon page a few weeks ago, maybe this is of interest to the discussion.

    During a recent trip to the Middle East I came across a PlayStation VR demo setup at the Sony store in Dubai Mall. As this was my first experience of VR, maybe it will be of interest to some of you.

    The setup was in a small booth with two demos available: the shark cage and the London heist car chase (which is the one I tried). The break-out box was hidden from view, only the console was visible. It felt a bit awkward to pull the visor of PSVR back and forward to adjust the sharpness as that changed your field of view. It wasn't entirely smooth to operate and when you wear slightly bigger glasses they might bump into the headset. Interestingly the end parts on the left and right of the unit were made of rubber instead of plastic.

    On the plus side the way the headset is worn doesn't cause it to press on to the earpieces of my glasses, meaning there was no pressure on the temples or any other contact point while wearing it. The adjustability that I've been shown by the guy managing the demo didn't allow for the built in lenses to replace my glasses.

    Once settled in, the first impression was that the unit was very sensitive to movement. I was shifting on the chair a bit and even very slight movements of my head were converted to a changed viewpoint. The cables for the unit and headphones never got in the way either.

    The demo felt fantastic. Bear in mind that this was my first VR experience, so I might exaggerate a bit. Sony is probably going for exactly that kind of reaction to get people interested. Once the scene fades in I looked down to see my virtual hands. They reacted to very small movements as well and turned or shifted just like my real hands did while holding the move controllers.

    Before the action started you have some time to look around the car, which highlights some of the design challenges VR games might bring with them. You are able to open the car door and lean out, to which the driver reacts with a comment. You are also able to touch almost everything on the dashboard, like the air vents and radio tuner. Having this sort of immersion felt almost normal right from the start. You see the air vent and you can reach it so of course you'll try to move it. I think players will instinctively expect to be able to do that and if the game allows you to do so the immersion felt great.

    Once you get a gun from the driver the behaviour of the triggers on the move controllers changed slightly. Normally you hold the trigger to keep holding on to something. When you hold the gun the trigger is used for shooting only. Reloading felt pretty good when bumping the two move controllers together. No idea how long the plastic lamp on it will last though if it keeps getting bumped into another controller.

    What I found really cool was that the game allows interaction with items that are not in your view. You can shoot at something in front of you and use your other hand to grab for a new magazine to reload even if the magazine is not visible to you. As long as you know where to grab (glove box in front or bag to your right) the game will allow you to do so. I didn't even notice that this really happened while playing, it only became obvious while watching someone else play.

    Regarding the graphics, I thought they were nice. Personally I don't believe VR needs to be hyper realistic, it just needs to be believable and consistent. I think I've noticed some pixelation when the demo started but once I had to focus on what was happening around me it all looked and felt right. Slightly related: in the menu and at the very beginning of the demo I did notice where the displays end on the left and right of my field of view. This became unnoticeable once I started playing around in the demo.

    That's all I can think of right now. Let me know if you have any questions and if you have a Sony store close to you (or are in Dubai), maybe check it out as well.

    tl;dr: I had a fantastic few minutes with PSVR and am quite convinced that I want to buy one.

    Love & Respect!

  • @Griffin Cool, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to playing around with the PS VR soon.

    Does anybody on here have experience with PSVR, Oculus and Vive? How do they compare?

  • @marcel yeah, we are porting our game to all 3.

    PSVR is the lightest and most comfortable, but it's design can lead to light leaking in on the sides in my experience (it mostly sits on your head rather than strapped to it, which feels great).

    The Vive is probably the bulkiest of the three but isn't an issue when you get down to it. I'm not a massive fan of the exposed cables. It's setup is also the most complex what with the base stations being mounted and all (you don't HAVE to mount the base stations, but if you do its way more fool proof, i watched Kotaku complain about tracking issues and the guy had his base stations on what looked like a stack of shakey books. sigh). Nothing beats roomscale. holy shit, its incredible actually walking around the world with fully tracked hands. Its insanely intuitive versus a gamepad. Anyone can do it, coz its just you and the world basically.

    Oculus wrongly gambled on roomscale not being as popular as it is, so I think its gonna take a few tweaks and things like Touch to get it on par (though you wont get full roomscale even then, will be 180 degree tracking, same with PSVR versus vive 360). Personally, as a consumer I'm also not too hyped about the Oculus store, I'm a firm believer in opposing exclusivity in any shape or form. But time will tell how that works out.

    Performance wise rift and vive are almost identical (assuming your rig is up to it, i believe a 970 is targeted as minspec), while the PSVR is a slightly lower fidelity, but thats understandable and honestly the beautiful thing about VR is once you're in, as long as the world is consistent you will get fully immersed in ANY level of graphical fidelity (just look at minecraft or modbox all the way to more graphically intensive stuff like our game, the Gallery, or Vanishing Realms etc).

    Also, there's a lot of misconceptions you HAVE to have a large space for Vive or roomscale. Thats just not true. It's scalable, from sitting still to 15ft x 15ft. As we ported to vive first i'm most familiar with that one, but as i learn more about the others i'll update you. We have them all at the office, as well as that omni treadmill and older stuff like razer hydra and so on. So much fun with all this tech

  • With the Resident Evil annoncement I'm going to have pick up Playstation VR. It might be the less powerfull out there, but my current PC can't really run the others.
    At some point i'm going to upgrade my PC, but I need Resident Evil VR day one!

  • @MonsTruz yeah honestly you cant go wrong. I'm so glad PSVR hit the pricepoint it did. The more accessible VR is, the better

  • I think VR is very exciting and by all first-hand accounts, it works really well for this medium. I'm not going to be an early-adopter, however. I'm going to wait until the second wave of hardware starts rolling out - let other people be the guinea pigs for all the kinks that will no doubt need to be worked out. Fully on-board, though.

  • A lot more convinced now that more full games have been announced at E3. Stuff is getting really interesting in the VR space now!

  • For those interested in VR, Gamespot did an interesting discussion:

    Youtube Video

  • After RE7 I think I might actually get a PSVR headset. Its so far the only thing that has convinced me that VR is worth the money

  • Literally everything I've seen on VR seems far too tech demo-ish. Given the high price tag, I'm not buying in (yet).

  • @trugs26 even Resident Evil 7?

  • @Hoken said in Are you buying into VR this year?:

    @trugs26 even Resident Evil 7?

    Even that, a game made by Capcom, one of their biggest IPs, looked like an indie title in terms of presentation quality compared to every other RE game. Though, I have not seen much outside of the announcement trailer. I'm keen to see footage of people playing the demo.

  • Sony did a great job showing off PSVR this week and I have to admit for an hour or so I was considering pre-ordering. But the stuff I am really excited about is still ways off and even though the 399 pricetag sounds great at first, if you add move controllers, camera and games it's already blowing way past the 500€ mark. I'm definitely going to wait at least till 2017, probably christmas 2017.
    The other VR stuff I'm not even considering. I'm a Mac user and sure as hell ain't gonna drop a grand on a gaming pc and another grand on VR + games and I'm also not going to buy a 600 dollar Samsung phone.

  • @trugs26 something to remember is that we are looking at brand new tech, not just a new tier of established tech. you're seeing a lot of tech demos coz everyone is still figuring out how this is going to work, even us devs.

    I see a lot of people going "oh why don they just activate VR for borderlands or something and print money, but the design hurdles are HUGE, and the tech is always expanding and upgrading. I love it, we're basically poking around how to do things in a new frontier in completely new ways. But if your feeling truly is everything is too "tech demo-ish", i implore you to go try stuff first.

    Heck, we're doing an episodic game, and working ion ep2 now. the lessons we learned and are adapting just from our first venture are staggering, ep2 is gonna be epic. i'm loving the challenge versus traditional game dev

  • @sblomkamp Dropping in to say nothing more than I'll get your game(s) as soon as I get my hands on a Vive and trying them out. Nice to have a bit of dev insider information to read.