Are you buying into VR this year?

  • @Hoken not being able to actually try it makes it a bit scary though to be honest, still I'm super excited to dive in. If PSVR works out well for me then I'll probably look at saving up for a decent PC and get myself a Vive, I've heard a lot of good things about it.

  • I am really interested in the Sony VR im only worried about the whole PS4 Neo thing...should I buy the VR now? or wait for the Neo to come out? To get the full experience?

  • @sblomkamp I have tried a lot of VR. I do research and development with it, so I know it has potential, but it also has a lot of hurdles to overcome. So I understand why the games are the way they are, but the fact of the matter remains, the games are still tech demo-ish, hence why I (as a consumer, not a researcher) won't buy one in 2016.

  • I want to buy PSVR. Just waiting to see if the economy gets better or if I can get some wicked deal.

  • @Hoken psvr is the biggest thing that sways me to buy.

    I'm hardcore pc gamer. 980 ti, 144hz g sync monitor, the works.

    But the hassle of setting up oculus or vive is a huge detractor, and the simple appeal of Psvr is pulling on me.

    Thankfully you can't find any in stock.

  • I wanted to buy a vive, but it's just too expensive for me right now, so i came to terms with not buying in this year...

    However after Sony's e3 presser i may buy a PSVR after all. I would've prefered to VR on pc, but the games announced for PS4 look worth it. Bummed i won't be able to play Elite Dangerous in VR tho.

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    As I have been developing games for 2 years with the Oculus Rift it should be the one I go for.. but got a pre order for Playstation VR instead haha.

  • Very Interested in VR just worried about game support, tried out the vive at a store and loved it.
    However, Sony seems to have a number of VR exclusives im interested in like Ace Combat and RE7.

  • I have the PC to support VR, but i'm not really sold on the VR yet. But ofcourse that might change if I get to try it. Currently i'm still being quite skeptical with VR and games, no doubt VR will have other uses though. Also the price is still way too high.

  • Man, seeing how hyped the Allies were about VR, even PSVR, makes me so happy.

  • no real interest in VR as yet because i don't think its good enough or has the games, by the time Project Scorpio is available i'll know if its worth owning or just another fad like 3D, Move, kinect etc....

  • @yungstar I get the apprehension. You should check if theres a demo station near you, I know Best Buy is pushing VR pretty hard. I HATE kinect and 3D. Been swearing up adn down about the gimmickery there, but I believe the big difference now (And as brandon stated on stream last night too) is there's an actual tangible logic to the experience. Kinect had so little to offer in its best case scenario (which is what, fruit ninja?), while VR brings real immersion (when done right, not all VR is made equal, i digress)

  • Surely this can sell everyone on VR :laughing:
    alt text
    From @Whoaness's Batman Bosman VR thread

  • Nope! I am poor, and that requires a ton of money. I would go for PSVR. But first that would require a PS4K. And if I have that, why would I not buy a 4K TV set? After that I'd just need the VR headset. Wow. Look at all that money I don't have.

  • It would be like buying the first Hover Car/Board; riddled with bugs and faults.

  • I have pretty crap eyes, so I'm not sure I'd be able to do VR (can't watch 3D movies without getting ill). Would love to try it out and, if I have it in the budget, would grab PS VR in the fall if I liked the experience. I have an alright gaming PC, but def prefer consoles.

  • @RoyalCactopi interesting. Have you had that checked out? You should, doesn't sound fun. Do you wear glasses?

    I've often wondered how differing eyesight and circumstances affect things. I wear glasses for work and in vr but not essential for me (though it's better with them).

  • @sblomkamp I'm glad I'm nearsighted.

  • I totally think the tech has proved itself, now it's just about the games!
    As soon as we get more full games like Resident Evil 7 I'll be all in!

  • @sblomkamp Yep, have worn glasses since I was 3 or 4 (29 now). Essentially, I'm nearsighted plus I have an exceptionally lazy right eye. I've learned not to register what it's looking at unless there is something obscuring my left eye (because if I do notice it, I have double vision constantly). Thus, when I try 3D movies or try using 3D mode on my 3DS, I have to exert a lot of effort to see the effect. I end up getting a headache and feeling nauseous.

    I feel like I might do fine in VR, since I could essentially continue to ignore the right eye like I do regularly. Just not ready to throw down $400 unless I'm sure I'll be able to enjoy it.