Are you buying into VR this year?

  • Surely this can sell everyone on VR :laughing:
    alt text
    From @Whoaness's Batman Bosman VR thread

  • Nope! I am poor, and that requires a ton of money. I would go for PSVR. But first that would require a PS4K. And if I have that, why would I not buy a 4K TV set? After that I'd just need the VR headset. Wow. Look at all that money I don't have.

  • It would be like buying the first Hover Car/Board; riddled with bugs and faults.

  • I have pretty crap eyes, so I'm not sure I'd be able to do VR (can't watch 3D movies without getting ill). Would love to try it out and, if I have it in the budget, would grab PS VR in the fall if I liked the experience. I have an alright gaming PC, but def prefer consoles.

  • @RoyalCactopi interesting. Have you had that checked out? You should, doesn't sound fun. Do you wear glasses?

    I've often wondered how differing eyesight and circumstances affect things. I wear glasses for work and in vr but not essential for me (though it's better with them).

  • @sblomkamp I'm glad I'm nearsighted.

  • I totally think the tech has proved itself, now it's just about the games!
    As soon as we get more full games like Resident Evil 7 I'll be all in!

  • @sblomkamp Yep, have worn glasses since I was 3 or 4 (29 now). Essentially, I'm nearsighted plus I have an exceptionally lazy right eye. I've learned not to register what it's looking at unless there is something obscuring my left eye (because if I do notice it, I have double vision constantly). Thus, when I try 3D movies or try using 3D mode on my 3DS, I have to exert a lot of effort to see the effect. I end up getting a headache and feeling nauseous.

    I feel like I might do fine in VR, since I could essentially continue to ignore the right eye like I do regularly. Just not ready to throw down $400 unless I'm sure I'll be able to enjoy it.

  • I preordered the PSVR Launch Bundle and have a Google Cardboard, so yes. I also hope to save up enough to buy a Vive.

  • @RoyalCactopi yeah definitely demo stuff first. I'll ask my team about your situation and see if they have any pointers. I do worry the dependence on stereoscopic vision would trouble your lazy eye

  • I am extremely excited about VR even though I have never tried it. I won't be picking up a PS VR this year as I don't have a PS4 yet...but...I really want to be Batman...

    Whoever does get the me a favor. Keep Gotham safe.

  • I originally had little to no interest at all in VR, but then E3 happened and Sony's Conference showed me what could be and I keep hearing good things, so I am now VERY interested in Playstation VR. I'm gonna be able to test it out when the demo comes my way at a local Best Buy over the next few weeks, so that'll probably be the final factor into what I decide.

    At the moment, I think I'll get it at some point, just probably not Day 1 or upon immediate release.

  • I tried PSVR at E3 a couple of years ago, and I was already convinced.

    Unfortunately, the Canadian economy is terrible, but it has a chance of bouncing back. If I could save $50 on PSVR, I'll wait a bit to see if the economy gets better because that means $50 more towards games.

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  • @ib0show I'm confused, is this a yes or a no?

  • @Hoken everyone else is saying no and I'm saying alt text

  • I've never been an early adopter and I don't think I'm going to start now. I think it depends on how these VR companies go about iterating the product. PSVR is probably going to stay as is for the rest of the PS4/PS4 NEO cycle (meaning, they won't reveal a PSVR2 or something). but Vive and Rift could potentially go the way of (almost) yearly new models.

    It really sounds like Rift wants to do it:
    And Vive is from HTC (hardware anyway) so they might employ a similar strategy as their mobile phones.

    I think I'm going to hold off, at least until I see more about the NEO and whatever effects it might have with PSVR.

    TL;DR (not really):

  • @Mechanoid at this price point I seriously doubt yearly models. No way is that going to be viable for them.

  • @Hoken I wouldn't be surprised. People already pay a lot for smart devices and they have short upgrade cycles.

  • @Hoken Agreed, yearly is a BIG stretch, but we might be in store for 18~24 month cycles early on since the tech is improving pretty rapidly and neither Vive or Oculus would want to be perceived as being the "lesser". On console I think this will be less of an issue since VR is really tied heavily to the cpu+gpu, but on PC where upgrades happen all the time... I can see all the players in VR trying to one up the other like AMD and NVIDIA does right now. Then again Google/Apple might come out with something from left field and leave everyone in the dust. Only time will tell...