Are you buying into VR this year?

  • I just got accepted into a college this summer, and considering I'm a 20 year old in Sweden who does not have my own apartment or job, the money I get paid per month is VERY generous. Saving half of my next 3 monthly paychecks means I will have enough for a HTC Vive, and I'm going to go for it this year. The technology is something I've been dreaming about since I was a wee boy, and I'll go for it ASAP, generation I or not. I'm so hyped.

    Are you buying a VR headset this year? If not, why not? Interested to see this.

  • I'm not buying into VR at all. Can you tell me which games you've seen have sold you onto VR or is it just the hype of VR in general that made you buy into it?

    Side note: You get paid monthly by the swedish government? :P :moneybag: #MustBeNice

  • I have a PSVR pre-ordered. I am hoping for one more must have experience to be announced before I decide to keep the pre-order. No Man's Sky would be huge. So it depends. Also if they announce Neo for this fall I may purchase that first and get PSVR later.

  • @Hesperus The experience of being tethered to the display is enough for me. More immersion is great and well worth it, especially Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, anything Valve will put out etc. The fact that new things will get made especially for VR is exciting. The software surrounding it is dope as well, even the small stuff like light brush and that VR desktop stuff. Having a bigger room on a display desktop looks great.

    Everyone gets paid when they're studying in most of Scandinavia. Wouldn't be able to survive without reverse tuition. School is free too, with all the downsides that's got. For reference I get about $700/month as I'm over 18+. Before that it was $100.

  • @Hoken I'm still on the fence with VR. Every new thing, I usually am an early adapter and it just flops or people forget about it. But it should be interesting to see how much VR has a presence in E3.

    Ah, we have free schooling but no money being paid to us lol. But we don't pay taxes, and I guess that's why our government is on the brink of bankruptcy. So with that $700, do you have to pay taxes? or you start paying taxes when you have actual income from a job?

  • @Hesperus have a feeling that E3 will suck for people who aren't into VR. It's a new sort of medium in a way, for a landscape that has been pretty dormant and samey for years. New PC displays aren't news anymore, but a new virtual dimension? That's going to shake things up way more than 3D shook up movies. Worst case you have your own actual movie theatre fully realised in a $900 headset. For me that's not bad.

    / Taxes go to money earned from a workplace and do not impact the money i get. Otherwise we'd have a whole nation of parents paying taxes for their 12yearolds.

  • I have have PSVR pre ordered and I am super excited for:

    • RIGS
    • Gran Turismo Sport
    • Adr1ft
    • EVE Valkyrie
    • Ace combat 7
    • Job Simulator
    • Wayward Sky

    Plus some others that look good but may not be day 1 for me.

    Here is a playlist with a most of the announced games and some other videos:

  • I bought an Oculus DK2 when they were available back when, used it for a few weeks, then sold it to a dude in Russia. It was nice, and made playing Elite Dangerous a lot of fun, but it wasn't worth the price I paid in GPU upgrades (which I returned) or the price of the headset itself. I actually ended up turning a profit on the whole ordeal due to the resale. It wasn't only the cost that made me back out while I could, though. I knew a war was coming in VR, between Oculus and whoever joined the game later, which ended up being Valve.

    Once the dust settles some and the cost drops I'll be happy to give it another shot. I really did enjoy it, but I'm glad I bailed when I did. I'd for sure be getting it on PC, though, not PS VR or anything Xbox does (unless it's also able to be used on PC, such as if it was just an Oculus headset). I had a ton of fun looking for and playing homebrew VR stuff, at least half of my time with it was indie stuff. I'd miss out on that on console I think.

  • I'm REALLY excited for VR, but at the same time, I don't think that it's yet time for it. For now it has been pretty high end piece of hardware, but that is changing right now with new graphics cards and more capable consoles. But for now, I intend to be patient. I don't like the Vive controllers, being a bit daffy because of the shape. I'm really interested in the new controllers from Oculus (touch). So I recommend that you wait a little longer, because I bet that within a year it will be far more wide-ranged, because of PSVR and possibly the VR capable consoles come out and I think that some really great games will come out for VR at that time. There will probably be the first price cut in this time too (hopefully).

    But I' wont judge you if you decide to buy it now. If you do so, please share your experiences, because I will eventually invest in VR myself. :D

  • Very excited about the possibilities of VR. I've got the PSVR on preorder, though if the PS4k drops in before, I might cancel it and get that first, since I just purchased a new 4K TV (It was 50% off and I couldn't resist, so I might as well take advantage of it down the line).

    But anyhow, all the previews so far have been positive in relation to the PSVR so I really want to try it out. I never tried on a VR headset so I get giddy like a little kid on Christmas morning when I think about it. :D

  • No, this may be a crappy view on things but give me a TV a traditional controller over anything else.

  • Yes, I have a PSVR pre ordered.

  • Until I see some must-play games that are only available in VR I'm not buying into it.

  • I'd have to see an actual game to get interested in VR. All I've seen so far, to me, are concept demos.

  • I'm not interested until I can actually demo something for myself, which I'm not sure will be happening in stores any time soon....It'd be like that thing at the eye doctor they use to blow a puff of air in your eye, where they have to wipe it down every time someone uses it to disinfect it. I don't want someone else's sweaty juice on my face...

  • I'm going in on PSVR to wet my feet and see what all the hubbub is. Then once I save enough, I'll upgrade my PC and get the second generation Vive since I hear its the beast VR headset out there now.

  • If gaming history has taught me anything, especially with nintendo: Virtual boy, Gameboy micro, Wii, Wii-U, or sega's 32X, etc it's that you don't early adopt new tech, ever.

    Same can be said of new PC hardware like GPUs. It's a fad, it's also been done before to some extent, and until it's had time to settle into gaming culture and actually HAVE software for it, there's no real point in buying into it, moreso given how much it costs, you could fund a lot of gaming or buy an actual console/build a PC for what it'll run you.

    I'm more upset that this is what's forcing the console re-iterations so soon into the life cycles of PS4/XB1 and there's no basis that this will still be around after a year whatsoever.

  • @Farsendor My stance aswell. I've tried 3D monitors and sure it looks cool but i still like 2D enviroments more. I'm sure if i test VR i would enjoy it but there's no way i would love it so much that i buy that over the new GTX1080. I'd rather play games in higher framerate than a very selective gamelibrary in VR.

  • @Minamik said in Are you buying into VR this year?:

    I'm not interested until I can actually demo something for myself, which I'm not sure will be happening in stores any time soon....It'd be like that thing at the eye doctor they use to blow a puff of air in your eye, where they have to wipe it down every time someone uses it to disinfect it. I don't want someone else's sweaty juice on my face...

    That is what happened at PAX. A lot of people got pink eye. :thermometer_face:

  • @Hesperus That's horrifying...I'll have to remember to bring some wipes next time I go VR testing.