Are you buying into VR this year?

  • @RoyalCactopi interesting. Have you had that checked out? You should, doesn't sound fun. Do you wear glasses?

    I've often wondered how differing eyesight and circumstances affect things. I wear glasses for work and in vr but not essential for me (though it's better with them).

  • @sblomkamp I'm glad I'm nearsighted.

  • I totally think the tech has proved itself, now it's just about the games!
    As soon as we get more full games like Resident Evil 7 I'll be all in!

  • @sblomkamp Yep, have worn glasses since I was 3 or 4 (29 now). Essentially, I'm nearsighted plus I have an exceptionally lazy right eye. I've learned not to register what it's looking at unless there is something obscuring my left eye (because if I do notice it, I have double vision constantly). Thus, when I try 3D movies or try using 3D mode on my 3DS, I have to exert a lot of effort to see the effect. I end up getting a headache and feeling nauseous.

    I feel like I might do fine in VR, since I could essentially continue to ignore the right eye like I do regularly. Just not ready to throw down $400 unless I'm sure I'll be able to enjoy it.

  • I preordered the PSVR Launch Bundle and have a Google Cardboard, so yes. I also hope to save up enough to buy a Vive.

  • @RoyalCactopi yeah definitely demo stuff first. I'll ask my team about your situation and see if they have any pointers. I do worry the dependence on stereoscopic vision would trouble your lazy eye

  • I am extremely excited about VR even though I have never tried it. I won't be picking up a PS VR this year as I don't have a PS4 yet...but...I really want to be Batman...

    Whoever does get the me a favor. Keep Gotham safe.

  • I originally had little to no interest at all in VR, but then E3 happened and Sony's Conference showed me what could be and I keep hearing good things, so I am now VERY interested in Playstation VR. I'm gonna be able to test it out when the demo comes my way at a local Best Buy over the next few weeks, so that'll probably be the final factor into what I decide.

    At the moment, I think I'll get it at some point, just probably not Day 1 or upon immediate release.

  • I tried PSVR at E3 a couple of years ago, and I was already convinced.

    Unfortunately, the Canadian economy is terrible, but it has a chance of bouncing back. If I could save $50 on PSVR, I'll wait a bit to see if the economy gets better because that means $50 more towards games.

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  • @ib0show I'm confused, is this a yes or a no?

  • @Hoken everyone else is saying no and I'm saying alt text

  • I've never been an early adopter and I don't think I'm going to start now. I think it depends on how these VR companies go about iterating the product. PSVR is probably going to stay as is for the rest of the PS4/PS4 NEO cycle (meaning, they won't reveal a PSVR2 or something). but Vive and Rift could potentially go the way of (almost) yearly new models.

    It really sounds like Rift wants to do it:
    And Vive is from HTC (hardware anyway) so they might employ a similar strategy as their mobile phones.

    I think I'm going to hold off, at least until I see more about the NEO and whatever effects it might have with PSVR.

    TL;DR (not really):

  • @Mechanoid at this price point I seriously doubt yearly models. No way is that going to be viable for them.

  • @Hoken I wouldn't be surprised. People already pay a lot for smart devices and they have short upgrade cycles.

  • @Hoken Agreed, yearly is a BIG stretch, but we might be in store for 18~24 month cycles early on since the tech is improving pretty rapidly and neither Vive or Oculus would want to be perceived as being the "lesser". On console I think this will be less of an issue since VR is really tied heavily to the cpu+gpu, but on PC where upgrades happen all the time... I can see all the players in VR trying to one up the other like AMD and NVIDIA does right now. Then again Google/Apple might come out with something from left field and leave everyone in the dust. Only time will tell...

  • I like the idea of visiting these virtual worlds and feeling like im there

    But the things people are achieving with vr doesnt look much different to what people were achieving with it 25 years ago

    We are still just on the spot looking around and able to reach out and grab physics objects and release physics objects

    Youtube Video

    The main improvement seems to be the price is slowly creeping into being affordable?

    Maybe thats enough

    Im not sure

    But it still looks like its just easier to move about in 3d space with a controller without a headset at the moment

    Wrestling between your heads pitch and yaw and the controllers right stick isnt the best control scheme

    Maybe when oculous touch comes out we can move more reliably in these worlds?

    Vives wands limit you to a pretty small room and didnt really fix anything :(

    Or maybe im just being synical and standard gaming and virtual gaming can co exist in this state?

  • I'm really trying not to get involved in vr. I bought into the whole 3d gaming and used it for about ten minutes. I know I'm going to end up buying one anyway. I wonder how long I will actually play it.

  • I'm looking forward to recreating the VR episode of Community
    Youtube Video

  • I haven't decided yet. I know there will be some good games on the launch, but I am concerned on how they will look when compared to the games for the Vive or Occulus. Additionally while $400 is a ton of money, if the NEO is indeed coming out this year, I would rather my money go to that. That being said, I could see myself buying VR down the road, or if RE7 doesn't looks a poppy as the demo apparently did.