Are you buying into VR this year?

  • I got to try PSVR at E3 and again more recently and I think it's going to impress the majority of PS4 owners.

    Although it clearly doesn't compare to the higher end VR sets, the price and accessibility are going to make it "good enough" for the casual gamer.

    I'm in

  • I posted a whole bunch of examples of Vive games in this thread Hashcat started in Shows if peeps are curious

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    No. I will wait till its a bit cheaper, plus my pc is a bit long in the tooth and needs some upgrades like cpu, and gpu.

  • I think it'll be cool to wait until 2022 so the first thing I play on VR is The Elder Scrolls VI. Besides, they'll have to have sorted that tech out by then, right?

  • Nein nein nein!

    I'll wait for it to become cheaper and better, and then I'll buy a used one from someone who bought one and didn't like it, so I get a further discount still.

  • honestly, I was with Brandon and couldn't care less about VR. But then their E3 impressions got my hyped for it. I became a believer in modern day VR. I really want to believe I can be transported to places I could only dream of.

    I tried Google Cardboard out of desperation and am "meh" again. I know it's not the same thing. But to me, the frame rate needs to be high enough for me to feel truly immersed. Any lag or stutter and I'm out.

    I haven't demo'd it yet, but I'm only considering PS VR right now. Besides the cool "I am Batman" gimmick, there's nothing else I'm looking forward to. I'm still skeptical with how the games will feel in terms of control and gameplay. I feel like cockpit style games and on-rail lightgun games are going to be best suited for this. I don't know how fast paced FPS action can be achieved when you really think about it.

    For now I think I can wait until there's a killer app.

  • @matt one thing to consider is Sony is the only house I know that accepts sub 90fps in their game submissions, so if you're sensitive to frame rates I'd try it extensively first. It's a pity your first experience was cardboard. As nifty as it is for mass consumption, as you noted the quality is all over the place.