Does anyone here play Warframe?

  • I played Warframe back in its beta, a long time ago. I enjoyed it a lot, but was put off by the fact that at a certain point you had to pay to get certain things, like frame slots, etc. So I quit. I now hear this game is amazing now and most of those barriers are gone due to the rampant trading done for plat, the currency you can buy, for in-game items.

    Does anyone else play? I'm trying to get back into it, and see how much I like it.

  • I play now and then on PS4. It's changed a lot even in just the last 2 months that I've been playing other things.

    But yeah a lot of the barriers one would face for obtaining new frames is mostly gone, and just about everything can be bought and sold for plat through the trade chat.

  • I play on PC, but the recent insanely confusing update made me stop.

    I have a ton of frames and weapons, and can do most end-game stuff.

    PM me your steam name to play.

  • I literally have two frames, a max rank Excalibur, and a rank 8 Banshee. I have nothing. ;-)

    It'll be awhile til I can do anything worth doing, I just wish there was some "old returner's guide." I know how to shoot and wall run, I don't know where to be shooting and wall running, or what my goals are.

    edit: Same steam name as here. I'm in the EZA Steam group as well.

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    I played it a while ago on PS4, but didnt really have anyone to play with! also there were so many things I couldnt get my head around! and rather than trying to find out I went to other games.

  • Sorry for necroing an old thread, I'm under the assumption that it's better than repeating a thread.

    But I started playing warframe on PS4 a few days ago again, and I'm getting caught up on all the recent changes and questlines, I have 5 new warframes being built as we speak!

    So if anyone is interested, feel free to add me on PS4! I generally run survival missions and level weapons, farm materials/credits, and now void relics.

    I also have a clan that has many things already researched for blueprints that people could join if they're interested, most of the members just don't play much anymore besides myself and the guild leader.

    P.S Platinum is also on sale 30-50% off on PSN!