What Games Would You Like To See At E3 2018?

  • Devil May Cry 5, Bayonetta 3, and Onimusha. Capcom filed a trademark for Onimusha last week,

  • Pikmin 4
    A new Todd Howard/Bethesda Game Studios title
    A new Splinter Cell in the style of the original trilogy

  • Doom 2
    Metro Exodus
    Splinter cell (if it back to roots otherwise not)
    Next Hitman

  • Games that has been announced:
    Last of Us Part II
    Death Stranding
    Ghost of Tsushima
    From Software's "Shadow Die Twice" game
    Dreams (showing more cool stuff made by the MM team, and release date)
    Medievil Remake
    Red Dead Redemption 2 (absolutely unlikely, but a man can dream)
    Days Gone (just the release date and short trailer, please don't give too much time to it)

    Unannounced stuff:
    Doom 2
    Splinter Cell
    Sly Cooper
    Bluepoint's latest project, whatever it is
    Bethesda Game Studio's game
    Devil May Cry 5
    Watch Dogs 3

    I don't really want to see Spider-Man since i figure it's been documented to death by Game Informer, and it's not too far from the release date.
    I'm also very excited for any new games Sony release, but i can't think of any of their studios that doesn't have any unannounced projects.

  • I would like a lot of things to be shown / announced but the thing I want is way more playable demos.

  • I would die if Sly Cooper 4 was announced, Sly cooper 2 i beat like 20-30 times as a kid, didn't really like 3 as much and definitely didn't like the newest one, 'Thieves in Time' or whatever. I don't know who would be a good fit for a developer, since Sucker Punch is busy right now.

    But since that won't happen, I would love Sly Cooper 1-2-3 get the Spyro/Crash high end remaster treatment

  • Half Life 3 Confirmed

    Bonus Points if they make it Switch exclusive and cause a bigger shitstorm than the Bayonetta 2 storm of 2013

  • I just want to know what the heck From Software are working on!
    For Nintendo I am honestly happy for them to keep doing what they are doing with the Switch, just show more details on previously announced games and reveal some new stuff for further down the line. Also it would be super cool if Microsoft announced a whole bunch of amazing looking games for the Xbox One. They can't fill press conference with Forza, Minecraft and Sea of Thieves updates......or can they?????

    Finally as ever I would be super happy if we finally got confirmation of a western release for Phantasy Star Online 2!

  • Surely we've got to see some of 'Pokémon Switch' if it's going to come out this year?

    As someone who's loved the series since Red/Blue, I really hope they've properly mixed up the "formula" and tried new things, taking heed from the success of BotW and Odyssey.

    (Although let's be real, I'm going to play it no-matter what changes they do or don't make - catching and raising your own Pokémon is too darn fun!)

  • Bannerlord.

  • @yoshi Bayo is Switch exclusive because Nintendo is footing the bill for the games.
    Why would HL3 be exclusive to a platform that just barely manages to run Doom at 600p30?

    Though I doubt it will be announced, if it is, I expect PC exclusivity at least until the next generation of consoles, as I don't think the current crop of consoles have the power to do what I expect Valve to do with Half-Life 3.

    As for what games I would like to see:
    Bloodborne 2
    Ghost of Tsushima
    Crash Team Racing HD
    Smash 5
    Custom Robo Switch
    F-Zero Switch
    Final Fantasy VII Remake
    Some sort of substantial VR game. (HL2 VR? Portal VR?New Vegas VR? AC Origins Discovery Mode VR?)
    New crop of GT Sport DLC
    Whatever Supermassive (Until Dawn) has been working on
    Literally anything new for XBox
    Avengers project

  • Really want to see Dead Island 2 rear its head. It's been quiet ever since that first trailer but I'm dying to see what Sumo Digital have done with the franchise in more detail.

  • I have no idea actually.

    I know it sounds negative, but I'd rather see some titles that we haven't had gameplay for like The Last of Us Part II and FF VII Remake instead of seeing one second of Days Gone. That game looks so damn awful I don't want Sony to waste a minute on it.

    Bethesda E3 is a mystery which I am excited for.

    Hopefully Nintendo has a fully loaded Switch showcase. GameCube is one of my favourite consoles ever and I haven't owned a Nintendo console since and I'm getting those vibes back every day. Mario Party hasn't had a good game since Mario Party 3 on N64 in 2001. I'd love if the Odyssey mini-game team took the reigns on a new Mario Party. I'd buy a Switch the day it releases.