What Games Would You Like To See At E3 2018?

  • I have no idea actually.

    I know it sounds negative, but I'd rather see some titles that we haven't had gameplay for like The Last of Us Part II and FF VII Remake instead of seeing one second of Days Gone. That game looks so damn awful I don't want Sony to waste a minute on it.

    Bethesda E3 is a mystery which I am excited for.

    Hopefully Nintendo has a fully loaded Switch showcase. GameCube is one of my favourite consoles ever and I haven't owned a Nintendo console since and I'm getting those vibes back every day. Mario Party hasn't had a good game since Mario Party 3 on N64 in 2001. I'd love if the Odyssey mini-game team took the reigns on a new Mario Party. I'd buy a Switch the day it releases.