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  • @rarmstar I have never docked my Switch either, and I don't feel like I've missed out on anything... although I have friends who swear by it and seem to really enjoy it as well. I think Nintendo seems to have done a good job of giving you the ability to play however you want.

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    Coolio, thanks! :):)

  • @rarmstar honestly if i didnt have the defective launch joycons still i would probably prefer the joycons. they are soo tight.

    but the pro is still good, sometimes I think the buttons are too big on it

  • @burup id say thats true on most games. but odyssey definitely feels like your missing out with the joycons attached.

  • @rarmstar if you like the idea of the combat for 1 you might like 2. also knowing the story for 1 could be beneficial for 2...maybe

  • @bigdude1 maybe that gives me a good reason to go back and replay it lol

  • @rarmstar said:

    How crucial is the Switch Pro Controller?

    Depends entirely on the person. The Switch will come with a "Grip" for your Joycons to slot into and make a more traditional controller, just without a D-Pad since Joycons don't have one. You can also use split Joycons on their own. Some people seem to really enjoy that method of control. Others are so used to more traditional controllers they want a Pro Controller, and as @Hanabi said, I highly recommend one for Splatoon 2, but I have heard people say they've played it before with split Joycons and done fine.

    All that said, you need to know that all Switch Pro Controllers up until the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 design ones have a D-Pad defect that you'll more likely than not run into. Things like pressing right registering as an up press and such. This most heavily affected me while playing Breath of the Wild with a launch Pro Controller, because it caused the wrong quick switch menu to open quite often, which was frustrating to deal with. I don't seem to notice it a ton anymore, but not sure if it is cause I'm not playing games anymore where it would come up noticeably or I've worn mine in enough to fix it now or something? Some people will say this hasn't been fixed, but it is proven Nintendo changed the internal design of the Pro Controller from the Xenoblade ones onward, so if you get one of those you shouldn't experience the same problems.

    Also since someone mentioned it before, when you get your Switch attach the Joycons to the side of it, and navigate to the controller section and update the controllers manually after whatever other system updates finish. They are initially set to a lower signal strength to conserve more battery, so people have consistently run into problems using them detached from the system. Updating them should boost the signal and help, but if you're still experiencing problems you can send them into Nintendo, and they will stuff them with conductive foam that helps stabilize the signal and send them back to you for free. Depending on the distance you play from your system you might not need to bother with all that, and the controller updates might be enough, but if you're noticing problems Nintendo is pretty fast at getting them back to you free of charge, usually within a week.

  • @mbun Thanks!! I decided to go with the pro controller as a long-term investment, so I'll look out for any signs of it not working properly. I'll check the joycon signal strength too! :)

    Everything is now in the post - Switch+Zelda bundle, pro controller and a good case. Let's go!!! :D

  • Golf story is a hilarious game with creative golf courses. Great for short play sessions.

  • Job done!! Thanks again for all the advice folks :):):):)