The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2014!

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    @axel Well I was thinking it'd be used more for the games that are unlikely to win. So no one would really do it for an Uncharted 4, Witcher, Bloodborne... it'd be more like for an Alien Isolation, Until Dawn, Spelunky.

    At least that's how I imagined it. Championing the game you want to get more attention.

  • I'm gonna be honest, anyone who has problems reading the original list of games you provided - the issue is with them. It's color coded, and sorted by release date, people. No list we'd make would be any easier to read than that. You "forget" something? That's on you bruh. I read that list on mobile and did fine. :)

    I disagree that anything has to change. The tools are provided.

  • @tokyoslim Agreed.

  • I liked Dragon Age: Inquisition ok right after I got done playing it. (I think the twist shook me a bit, as i didn't see it coming)
    But in looking back on it, there's just a lot of games I liked more, so it's not on my list. I don't think it's a BAD game. It might not be half as good as Origins though.

  • @hanabi said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2014!:

    I think if a person making a Top X games of Y year list forgets a game existed it says more about the game than it does the person making the list.

  • And here is the other game that dominated GOTY talk that year! While I'm a big fan of BioWare with their work from the original Mass Effect trilogy and KOTOR, Dragon Age never really appealed to me. I AM curious however: With Inquisition coming in at six, what could the top five be? Here are some of the "Big" names yet to be revealed (And no, I absolutely do NOT expect some of these to place)

    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
    Bayonetta 2
    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!
    South Park: The Stick of Truth
    Wolfenstein: The New Order
    Sunset Overdrive
    Far Cry 4
    Forza Horizon 2

    Of the above, in no order, I think we'll see South Park, Wolfenstein, Bayonetta, Smash Bros., and Far Cry (Granted, knowing my luck, I've probably left off a HUGE oversight, and it'll wind up being GOTY)

    A final thing: I agree with @TokyoSlim on the list issue. However, I feel that if people want the additional tools and/or help, it should be provided. I'll stick with the Wikipedia list (Though I DID forget one game, it only would've made Honorable Mention for me.)

  • Three of my top four and one HM of mine have made the list already, Out of everything left, none of them are on @Brannox list. :)

    Goat Simulator was released in 2014. IS IT THE GOATY?

  • I’m a little surprised that Dragon Age: Inquisition is only #6. I thought it will be higher since that year was a slow one.

    This is my GotY, so obviously I love this game. First of all, I love games that have moments I want to replay and/or rewatch on YouTube and Dragon Age: Inquisition has several of those (my favorite is “The Dawn Will Come” and the following “travelling” cut-scene, which makes you feel both physical and mental journey of the characters).
    Secondly, I was lucky enough to pick that race & gender that makes possible romancing a certain character, and on top of that, I’ve picked him as my love interest. The payoff was awesome, including last DLC.
    And finally, I really enjoyed applying Orlais knowledge I’ve got from the Dragon Age books to the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts questline.

    I understand the critique of power level that makes side quests mandatory, but since I’m doing all of them anyway, this wasn’t a problem for me. This is not the best game of all time, but it’s without doubt my favorite game from 2014.

  • @ffff0 I think a big part of what ends up where is what this particular community is playing. I think in other forums, 1 of the two DR games MIGHT have made the list, but we got 2!

  • I played dragon age inqusition for 60 hours and i can't remember a single thing about it

  • Fun fact: Dragon Age Inquisition is the only modern console game I've personally played this generation (thank you streaming and portable games for keeping me from becoming totally isolated). Not a huge fan.

  • @tokyoslim Agree. I should have paid closer attention.

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    I enjoyed DA:I quite a lot, I couldnt really get into any of the other DA games for what ever reason even though I tried. However, some friends convinced me to pick it up cheap so we could spend the weekend with the multiplayer. Later I started with the singleplayer as well and it really caught me by surprise. I enjoyed the world, the characters and the way the battles played out was quite interesting!

  • @hanabi I don't think that's applicable here. Not everyone plays games at release. I played Dark Souls 2's Scholar of the First Sin edition in January last year. I didn't finish the game and go "Oh wow! I really enjoyed Dark Souls 2, which was originally released in 2014!"

    Forgetting a game existed and forgetting the release date of a game are two very different things.

  • So far only one game, DKC Tropical Freeze, that I have voted for, and that was just a HM, lol.
    I think my GotY should be in the top 5, but else, probably nothing, I doubt Tales of Xillia 2 will still appear.

    And yeah I went through the whole Wikipedia list.

  • I was hyped for Dragon Age: Inquisition despite never playing the previous games. I just got my PS4 at the time and a couple friends recommended it to me. I dove deep into the lore, reading up on the plot of the previous games and using the Dragon Age Keep to create my own save game to import into the game (very cool feature by the way, that was an awesome way to catch me up).

    And yet, I couldn't get into it. I must have played 5-6 hours, I was in the first big open area, and totally lost focus and motivation to continue, moved on to other games and never looked back. I enjoyed what I played, at least the roleplaying parts, but the combat didn't click with me, and the grind was too overwhelming.

    But the main issue I remember having is that my inventory would always be full, forcing me to sell or drop items every 5 minutes. And I could not figure out what was actually sellable junk and what was something I might need later, like crafting ingredients and whatnot. This made me way more anxious than it should have and I always spent ages deciding what was safe to sell and what I should keep just in case, leading me to spend more time in my inventory than doing anything else. It might sound absurd but that's the main reason I stopped playing.

    I'm sure I could get back to it one day with a fresh mind and enjoy it, but realistically, this ship has sailed.

  • @brannox I love it when you guys start making predictions for the top games and get it more or less wrong (or right (or wrong))!

  • I really enjoyed DA Origins, and 2 to a slightly lesser degree. I hated Inquisition though.

  • I'll always be indebted to Dragon Age: Inquisition for being my 'chill-out' game while writing my Masters dissertation on the 'Responsibility to Protect' & international intervention last summer.

  • DA:I is a great game but it is already starting to age poorly despite only being a few years old 0_0
    Open world game design has taken a couple of significant leaps in recent years which is making the rougher edges, padding and just plain old jank of DA:I become really apparent.

    I'm super interested to see where Bioware take the franchise next after Andromeda, which uses a lot of same area and mission structures as DA:I, blew up in their faces.