The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2014!

  • Two for two in guessing! Smash never was my thing primarily because of not having any friends to play when I got Melee for the Gamecube and it being a fighting game. However, it will never be not funny seeing many Nintendo (and several guest) characters just absolutely wail on each other. I've always had an appreciation of Smash, but I truly did not comprehend just how big a deal it is until I saw the reaction videos to the Switch version's announcement. People worship this game.

  • Wondering if my #3 game will make a sleeper appearance in the top 5 considering nobody gave Smash #1 and I see this game also not making anybodies #1 either, but certainly 2-4 and HM's.

  • Ooookay. Only three spots left, no way Tales from the Borderlands will make it. That's a shame, it's my favourite Telltale game. I love those characters so much. It's the perfect mix of comedy and tragedy, laughter and tears. So many moments... And the musics!

  • @cjtreader said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2014!:

    Wolfenstein's got to be 1, right?

    It will be between Far Cry, Stick of Truth and Wolfenstein. I don't think Far Cry will win, hard to say between the other two.

  • @sentinel-beach I liked it too.

    The way this is going, I'm pretty sure that none of my four remaining games made the list at all... which is kind of nuts to me. But ok.

  • Did people really like Far Cry 4 so much that it would actually place in top 3? Doesn't sound right, especially in this community. South Park and Wolfenstein I can imagine, though Fractured But Whole didn't spark a big reaction six months ago here.

    Here's a question: will neither Watch Dogs nor Titanfall place in the top 25 at all?

  • I have this game, the lack of a story mode really brought the game down for me, no motivation to play it, most probably won't buy any future Smash games unless they include a story mode again, which was imo the best part of Brawl.

  • I bought Smash on the N64, but never touched the series after that. I just have no real interest in the genre, the only other somewhat similar games I bought were the two Power Stone games on Dreamcast.

  • Shovel Knight came out in 2014 right? I'll bet it's the next one on the list.

  • @bam541 Here's hoping.

  • @bam541 said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2014!:

    Shovel Knight came out in 2014 right? I'll bet it's the next one on the list.

    Hmm, I forgot about that one. I think you're right actually. As surprised as I am to not see Far Cry whatsoever, I think Shovel Knight is actually the more likely.

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  • @bam541 said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2014!:

    Shovel Knight came out in 2014 right? I'll bet it's the next one on the list.

    Shovel Knight is my 2014 GOTY. I'll be quite upset if it is not on this list.

  • Shovel Knight is definitively one of the last three, and maybe I would imagine The Stick of Truth will be up there too.

  • I wonder if all 8 of my games will make it.

    Super Smash Bros for Wii U:
    I love the franchise and I can see this as the best game despite not playing it as much as Melee or even Brawl but that's only because I had a lot more time back then.

    Bayonetta 2:
    I played it not too long ago. For some reason I didn't like the first one and wasn't planning on playing Bayonetta 2 but I'm glad I eventually did. It was surprisingly good.

    Dark Souls II:
    I can see why people are disappointed in this game but everyone values different things in video games and for me Dark Souls II has everything I want out of a Souls game.

  • @pepeeltoro805 eeeeeeee, this is good news.... it was mine too.

  • Yep, Shovel Knight is a good call.

    And I confused Titanfall with its sequel. There's no way in any reality the first one would place in the whole top 25. And I don't see the first Watch Dogs this high either, nope. I gave it an HM, thought it was cool with its new ideas and mechanics, but WD2 from '16 is the real star in the series.

  • I think Shovel Knight will be number one. I thought Mordor would be two and Smash would be 3. Did any Persona games come out in 2014?

  • While I think Melee is still my favorite Smash, I do think Smash 4 is the best one. Playing Smash with eight players at a party is one of my favorite memories of 2014. It's good, hectic fun.

  • South Park: The Stick of Truth

    #3. South Park: The Stick of Truth - 35 points


    #1: 2 (Hanabi, Exist 2 Inspire)
    #2: 3 (bard91, A7X458, Hidz)
    #3: 2 (DIPSET, Billy)
    #4: 1 (Sentinel Beach)
    HM: 5 (ffff0, Sazime, Sunpraiser, PepeElToro805, xias)


    Release date: March 4 [US], March 7 [EU]
    Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
    Publisher: Ubisoft
    Genre: Role-playing
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360


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