The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2014!

  • I'm glad to see Valiant Hearts make the list. Its not a perfect game by any means, but it deserves recognition for taking a unique approach to telling a war story and doing so from a few different perspectives.

  • Destiny

    #23. Destiny - 10 points


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    #2: 1 (thenerdtheword)
    #3: 1 (Brannox)
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    HM: 1 (Hazz3r)


    Release date: September 9 [US/EU]
    Developer: Bungie
    Publisher: Activision
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360


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  • ewww .

  • Full disclosure: I only played FIVE games from 2014. As I looked through the full list of games, I became concerned I couldn't fill enough of the slots. But for Destiny specifically, This is not lower because one of my favorite gaming memories recently is me and three friends pulled an all nighter, something that never happens what with everyone having lives. It's not higher because I have a lot of issues. I'm not going to list them but my biggest complaints:

    Story is bland
    Hate the loot grind
    Locales are not compelling
    A lot of reliance of others

  • These bottom parts are always some of my favorites since it's almost like a race to see if my underdogs squeaked in or if something I was really hoping would place higher got the shaft. Most years you can kinda predict the top 10, even if not the order of them, but the next 15 or so can be totally up in the air.

  • It's a fun game, i'll admit. It's funny (and kinda sad) that this game is actually better compared to the sequel.

  • I was very in on Destiny 1.0
    I bought the LE boxed set, played through all the stories, missions, strikes, and etc. Got involved in farming loot cave... etc. I only got into the Vault of Glass once, and never finished it, but it was cool.

    I guess they lost me at the first major set of patches and the TTK expansion. I am not onboard with forced expansion. The fact that they were locking parts of the base game away that I'd already been playing - behind an expansion paywall did not sit well with me. Also, they took away my Dinklebot.

    I kind of felt like Destiny burned me. Buying into it initially is probably my biggest gaming regret, and I haven't purchased another "expensive" boxed set like that since.

  • I played the Destiny demo then tried it on PS3 at my friends and I have to say it is one of the most boring games I've ever played. Not surprised it's on the list because the popularity of this game was substantial but I really found it to be hollow and void of any diversity whatsoever.

    There was a boss that took forever to kill (I think the game had an early issue where the recommended level was actually too low for what the boss requires) and we shot this spider robot for roughly 10 min until he died, then immediately after there was another bullet sponge boss who was a floating purple eye ball which also took 10 min. It was essentially clip after clip after clip for 20 min.

  • I sunk 80 hours in the first Destiny and quite a bit more after the Taken King expansion. With all of that time and effort, I wish I had something positive to say about it, but I feel like it is one of the biggest wastes of time I have ever encountered in my life. Everything felt like constant homework and the major killer for me was that the world felt so dull and lifeless. If it wasn't for the fact that my friends were playing quite a bit of it, I wouldn't have clocked in that many hours, but I'm glad we all eventually moved onto greener pastures. Feels really strange that my most played game of 2014 didn't even make my initial list of 15 games I felt were worthy for me to nominate for this collaboration.

  • @sabotagethetruth

    A few years ago, basically after graduating high school, I've learned to cut my losses and save time when I'm not enjoying something because life is way too short. Some games take a while to warm up to, sometimes even 30-ish hours. Regardless, if I think it's a time waste out the gate, I'll probably drop it.

    Video games haven't been as bad as movies for me. I used to go see anything at the movies if it seems remotely interesting but I find myself hating almost everything and I go like 2-3 times a year now. Can't say I regret it.

  • @dipset I'm generally the same way too, which is why Destiny is a unique case. If I didn't have a friend or two that really, really loved the game, I would have been able to walk away a little easier, but peer pressure is the most persuasive pressure out there!

  • @sabotagethetruth This is where I'm currently at with Destiny. If my friends one day, out of the blue said, "Yo, Destiny. Now." I'll hop on. But I don't think I'll ever boot up the game again on my own.

  • It seemed like I always had a friend or two on Destiny for quite a long time following release. I saw it in a Redbox during launch week, so I figured I may as well try it out. It never really hooked me, and I was able to “finish” all the campaign missions in those two days and felt that’s all I needed. If ya’ll have the option, Redbox can be a good way to test out a game at launch relatively cheaply and see if it’s something you’d like to purchase.

  • Edit: Wrong entry for The Banner Saga.

  • It feels bad to not have included the Banner Saga in my list. This is such a beautiful game in so many ways: the unique aesthetics, the stirring soundtrack, the harrowing decisions, the demanding tactical combat. It definitely left its impression, and I look forward to playing through the second one.

  • Primarily because of gameplay, I passed on the Banner Saga, but one thing about it I want to say positively: I love the setting. Maybe because I've been just loving God of War, but I really enjoy the Norse aesthetic.

  • Haven't played it but I'm planning to pick up the trilogy on Switch when they come out in the next couple months. I love tactical RPGs like Fire Emblem and the art style is gorgeous, this should be right up my alley!

  • Glad to see The Banner Saga made it, I was thinking it could easily miss out and I definitively think it is worth it being in the list. I've been following the series since the kickstarter was live and I'm glad to see the series success, the games are a bit rough in some ways, but they present a pretty cool world and definitively worth playing for anyone that may be interested.

  • Sooooo, I just beat Banner Saga the other day. It would have made my list had I finished it up sooner but c'est la vie. It's an excellent game.

  • Never played it, not really my cup of tea, but damn the art style is sick.