The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2014!

  • Edit: Wrong entry for The Banner Saga.

  • It feels bad to not have included the Banner Saga in my list. This is such a beautiful game in so many ways: the unique aesthetics, the stirring soundtrack, the harrowing decisions, the demanding tactical combat. It definitely left its impression, and I look forward to playing through the second one.

  • Primarily because of gameplay, I passed on the Banner Saga, but one thing about it I want to say positively: I love the setting. Maybe because I've been just loving God of War, but I really enjoy the Norse aesthetic.

  • Haven't played it but I'm planning to pick up the trilogy on Switch when they come out in the next couple months. I love tactical RPGs like Fire Emblem and the art style is gorgeous, this should be right up my alley!

  • Glad to see The Banner Saga made it, I was thinking it could easily miss out and I definitively think it is worth it being in the list. I've been following the series since the kickstarter was live and I'm glad to see the series success, the games are a bit rough in some ways, but they present a pretty cool world and definitively worth playing for anyone that may be interested.

  • Sooooo, I just beat Banner Saga the other day. It would have made my list had I finished it up sooner but c'est la vie. It's an excellent game.

  • Never played it, not really my cup of tea, but damn the art style is sick.

  • Great, it was my #3. That kind of sadness that hangs over everything in it together with the overall beauty of the game made Banner Saga an unforgettable experience. For some reason I never managed to continue into the second game, but now after God of War and its similar world and themes I'm thinking of starting my journey all the way from beginning again in Banner Saga.

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    To be Fair, Destiny were a solid shooter, Bungie knows how to to make that part right. Other than that I only played it until I had finished the vanilla story, beyond that I didnt touch the game.

    The Banner Saga i havent touched

  • I liked Banner Saga fine, just not in my top 15 that year

    Edit: apparently it WAS in my top 15. I just didn't remember whether or not I'd bumped it for something else on my final list.

  • With all I bought that year, I'm shocked to yet see one I played.

    Destiny I'd never buy due to its Multiplayer focus, and I skipped over Banner Saga as I hate its art style.

  • Banner Saga is a good game, but it gave me so much anxiety. I couldn't even force myself to play the sequel, even though i finished 1, because of the stress.

  • @sunpraiser I really had to work at bringing my anxiety down while playing Banner Saga, reminding myself that I just had to make a choice and whatever I chose was fine. It really can be a stressful game and I always felt like every choice I made was the wrong one.

  • Hearthstone

    #22. Hearthstone - 11 points


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    Release date: March 11 [US/EU]
    Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
    Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
    Genre: Collectible card game
    Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, OS X


    GT Review

  • GameTrailers' GOTY for 2014 has revealed itself.

  • I'm not into card games and I'm even less knowledgable about anything done by Blizzard, so I clearly cannot comment on Hearthstone. All I CAN say however is if this won 2014 at GameTrailers then 1.) What are the remaining 20 (knowing full well there are still four games I voted for yet to potentially be revealed and only knowing two more coming)?! and 2.) 2014 was a massively divergent year between GT and us.

  • @brannox Yeah, I remember it being a choice not a lot of people agreed with back in the day and probably don't agree with now as well. I know a lot of the fellas were playing it constantly and it became an important part of their daily routine, but considering Hearthstone implements a pay-to-win structure, it has always felt a little scummy to me personally. Still, there's some fun mechanics and a lot of great "world-building" considering it's a card game.

  • I played it for a bit a year or so ago and I really couldn't get into it. I don't remember what it was, but something just didn't sit right with me in its gameplay.

  • I'd be mostly indiferent towards Hearthstone, however I really dislike it simply because a good of number of friends stop playing magic because of it ... so yeah go to hell Hearthstone

  • Hearthstone has the position a lot of games might find themselves in 4 years later: beloved at the time, not nearly as loved later on.