Anyone playing Rocket League?

  • Haven't seen any posts about Rocket League yet (I searched but haven't been here that much). So is anyone playing?

    Here's my current ranks.

    I got a blue trail from last season. Back to blue in standard 3v3 again but 2v2 is proving difficult with the game constantly throwing old champions at us :)

    Ranking system STILL needs work. It's weird who it matches you with a lot and how fast you rank down I think.

  • @bennysce Those are fair ranks. I got myself up to Rising Star in every category for S2 and for S1 I was Gold 2/3 in every category. Ranking system is atrocious, especially the placement matches - I won all 10 duel placements by no less than 4 goals each time and still only got a Challenger 3 rank! Couple that with the fact that it takes a few games to get in the solo zone so you'll probably drop a game warming up and you'll end up just working to break that one loss even with the 5 wins it takes to go up.

    Princess Mutt's the name, Hoops' the game. Sometimes I'll be playing carrying doubles ranked with a friend and I might play solo if I feel like I need some anxiety in my life.

  • i play from time to time hit me up on psn at rhaspadoss666 if ya wanna play

  • @Mr-M yeah at the start of the season it seems you can only get so many skill points from the placement matches so everyone was silver. And now everyone has to grind up to their "real rank" from there. I think it takes too much time to rank up and its too punishing when you lose because of some random who can't play. It's also weird that the hidden MMR and your ranks aren't coupled. So I can be matched with super good people already at silver one match and complete beginners the next. This makes it hard for good players to rank up since even if they are Gold 1 they meet people good enough to be champions at that low level immediately.

    We who are star rank players should just breeze through up to gold 4 somewhere and then get the real challenge.

    @FF7Cloud cool, I'm only playing on PC though.

  • @bennysce I was referring to the gold ranks of season 1 where it was just bronze 1-3, silver 1-3, gold 1-3 and one thing for platinum for the top 100 ranks only. Was really weird being technically the second highest rank category but 300 points behind platinum.

    The matchmaking is the reason I don't play solo 3s anymore, that category was so good when there were a whole bunch of loners playing it but now you'll be lucky to find a game and luckier to find one where the people you're matched with are remotely close to you on either side of the spectrum. Same situation is happening for me in hoops since I'm level 55 and not many people in Oceania above pro play it so I'll pop into a game, dominate against noobs by accident and have to search again after a forfeit - 3 flying tip off goals against people who haven't learned to fly is just poor form :P

  • heh yeah. sometimes it works in europe but sometimes I'm just matched with people just chasing the ball and destroying all opportunities by poking all chances I get so I have to play defense or we're just lobbed over again and again because noone is rotating back, and then we don't score any goals. I'm often paired with lower skilled players and put against a more even team which is very frustrating. I'm not good enough carrying everything for the team. Thankfully once I got to gold 2-3 people were better at the basics and it has been more fun lately with solo.

  • I play it too every now and again, its a great game if you have half an hour to burn and just want to drop in.

  • I play pretty frequently. Although I don't have any friends to play with, so not so much lately. Rocket League is definitely the best when you are on voice chat with someone.

    My typical issue is I play with people who just dogpile the ball, and then the enemy team just hits it past them and scores. Rinse and repeat. People need to space themselves, let one person play up front, and stay behind them for the rebound.

    I play on US East and West servers, but ranked doesn't appeal to me a whole lot. I end up taking it seriously and judging other players too much. Playing regular I end up having more fun.

    Anyone who wants to play, send me a chat. I'm online typically 6:30PM - 1:00AM Central Standard Time during the week.