Cult Classic PSOne Game Top Shop, who's ever heard of it??

  • Randomly started thinking about this game and was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of it or has played it? I got it years ago in the late 90's, it was marketed as a super small budget game but it looked interesting so I took a chance. It's basically like Monopoly except your in a Mall and you buy shops, when other players land on your shop they have to buy something (no window shoppers here). If your shop has no goods to sell that player can buy out the shop and put a new one in its place. When you land on one of your own shops you can restock one of your shops. I don't want to get too deep into the details but this game is an instant hit as a party game and much like monopoly games can last a really long time.

    This is a great game and I'd love to see the EZA crew give it a crack.

    Youtube Video

    If you ever played this gem let me know, greatness like this should go unknown.