Kilauea Eruption

  • Aloha Allies,
    I thought I would post this since we don't get to see it very often, but there is a volcanic eruption in a residential area here on the Big Island of Hawaii. There have also been decent size earthquakes and mini-Tsunamis. Its alot smaller scale than whats depicted in movies like Volcano, Dante's Peak, etc, but nonetheless there are still people being affected by this and it can be extremely devastating. Back in the 1990, almost the whole town of Kalapana was covered in lava and completely destroyed, then nearby again about 20 years later. Back then, I visited the area with my parents and have some pictures, but I have no idea where they are. You may want to google Kalapana pictures for some surreal views. Anyways, if you are interested I posted some links to the current event below and some history of the Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō Eruption. Have a good one, Allies

    Current Eruption
    USGS history of Kilauea

  • I've been reading a bit about this. I remember hearing about he 1990 eruption as well. Scary stuff.

  • Glad you're safe, @Namzor! Is it weird that I'm kind of jealous that you can witness such an incredible (albeit dangerous/destructive) even up close? Granted, not sure if you live on Kona or Hilo side (or none of the above), but it's still pretty cool...
    I found it both sweet and worrying that people hit me up to check on me, even though I live on Oahu. Not sure what that says about the general public's understanding of geography/Hawaii.

  • Thanks for the worries @naltmank , fortunately I'm on Oahu as well, I guess the "here" was a little unclear on my exact location. Should of been "here, on the big island of Hawaii" maybe? I do have friends that have family south of Hilo, but far enough away so the only major concern is the toxic SO2 buildup that might happen in the future. Still, they were shook up by that big earthquake Friday afternoon. My closest call was almost stepping on newly cooled lava back during my visit in 1990. Would of possibly broken the crust and gone right through, or so I'm told. Luckily we had those long poles to test how strong the surface is. We weren't allowed to get close to the main flow of course, but it was crazy even at a distance. There was a lava tongue inching close to this brush, and suddenly before it even touched it, it just burst into flame from the radiant heat.

  • @namzor That's both rad and terrifying. Glad that everyone's safe! 6.9 on the richter is nothing to scoff at!