Solo Streams Vs. Group Streams (Or: What is the best number of Hosts ?)

  • Hi Allies,

    I have been enjoying the GT/EZA streams for many years now ... (thanks for all the good times btw) and I was always wondering what the community thought the optimal number of allies on camera was?!

    -Personally I enjoy the streams the best that come with the best banter and chat Involvement which is usually the 2 or 3 people streams like for example: Huber showing Kyle the latest horror games that he wouldn't play on his.

    -Most solo streams leave me kind of unexcited I think that is because the attention of the host is divided between looking on the screen where the game-play happens and looking at/reading the chat which leads to large gaps of activity in the game and long stretches of silence. There should always be a host dedicated to the chat and at least one dedicated to the game. Shout out to Bosman because I think he is very aware of this and is really hustling to read chat in parallel with game input and engages chat verbally a lot! Kodus!

    -Group streams are on the other end of the spectrum. They are often too loud and chaotic for me to even use as my "background sound" while I engage in some creative project. Multiple conversations happening at once and loud cheers that drown out all other sounds are kind of inevitable as soon as the number of hosts grows to 4 or more.

    I rarely watch the streams live because of timezone differences but I have started to only ever watch the recorded streams that have the optimal number of people on the thumbnail. I wonder if there are many other people who also think this way and if viewer numbers could get increased/maximized with fewer solo and large group streams and more small groups streams ... anyway your thoughts !?

  • I think I like three to four person streams most. Two to three focused on the game, and one dedicated handling chat. There's obviously exceptions though, and having a Damiani watch the stream to make sure everything is going well and add graphics has advantages as well. That said, I'm happy with group streams how they are now. You just have to accept they're not necessarily all about the game, more about the room of people hanging out together.

    Also, I think most the allies have learned to handle solo streams really well. Well, everyone except Brandon. He still needs to learn how to prevent THE JONES ZONE. Hard to get upset at someone for getting really focused on the game though, much better than the opposite.

  • Kyle is really good at doing solo stream since he is good at improvising and multitasking, Huber's playthroughs are good because of passion, Ben's while enjoyable games and reactions can sometimes be a slog since he sometimes just stops advancing totally when he is gathering his thoughts and rest have their ups and downs too. So I usually prefer group streams or at least having someone with them.
    Simply seeing how people who are not playing reacting to them, intense dueling or co-oping with each other and coming up with good and fun or vice versa discussions is really enjoyable. Biggest downside is definitely audio that can really jump from low to extreme heights. Mario Kart tournament is practically unwatchable with audio because how unbalanced it gets but good times we got from Windjammers, Easy Livin' and other major streams and also recently the bomb defusing stream have been one of my favorites. The more the merrier like they say. I do hope they will learn to bail on games if it's not enjoyable to play since group streams also have the worst ones to watch but after going through patreon suggestions for group stream (which I don't mind them ditching), they have at least learned to have better games in there(I hope) since it's not just Kyle picking games(at least get them approved with some allies first) anymore(I assume).