Parents/Aunts/Uncles/Friends of Parents: Favourite Game Moments with Kids in Your Life

  • Hey Allies,

    Our daughter is coming up to 5 weeks and oh boy does she have a set of lungs. The colic is real. Anyways, she usually needs to be rocked for up to an hour before she can fall asleep. Yesterday I hummed Song of Storms to keep up my rhythm and I think I found her jam - for now at least. It's still early days but this made me think of the positive effects games can have on kids versus the usual negatives we hear. This then lead me to the idea of this topic.

    So, what are the best gaming moments you have shared with the kids in your life? I figure, at best, we all have a pool of ideas to consult and, at worst, we have a collection of funny stories.

  • Me and my son (who was 5 at the time) played through Knack together in co-op. As games go it was perfect for him.

    Lego Dimensions was good fun for a while.

    My youngest son (just turned 3) wanted a go on the PS3 recently. So I put Super Stradust HD on for him. He got the general idea, but he only pushed the sticks up, left or right. Never down. So when the asteroid was at the bottom of the screen he would turn the controller upside down, that way when he pushed up the ship flew down. So the co troller was constantly rotating in his hand making the game far harder than it should have been.

  • @theotherjohnp Ha! kids' brains are so cool.

    One more for me: when my niece was maybe 3, she came over to visit while I was playing Fallout 3 - mid gunfight. She says "what are those guys doing?," so I go with the obvious "playing tag," at which point I land a critical headshot. And anybody familiar with modern Fallout knows that that comes with slow motion kill cam - complete with exploding skulls. That was the end of that play session.