Do You Buy DLC?

  • I rarely buy DLC, the only one that i have done this with recently in the last few years have been AC Origins and Shadow of War. I usually don't buy it otherwise. Because it is priced so high these days and because of the quality of games as well

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    @the_andredal If I'm interested enough in a game, I usually buy the DLC upfront as well. I know some might consider me the cancer of the industry for doing that, but eh, fuck em.

  • If what I'm getting out of it seems fair to the price and I want it I will. Alternatively, if the base game itself gave me more value than I felt I spent to begin with, sometimes I will just to give a little more to the devs. I loved Fire Emblem Echoes, but the DLC total costs more than the game itself, and most of it is trash like added dungeons or classes that should've been in the base game. There was zero chance I was spending money on that. On the other end of the spectrum, I bought the Mario Kart 8 DLC back on Wii U as soon as they let me, because they were offering another half of a game for like a third of the price, total no brainer when the base game was already such a blast.

    I try not to get too salty about overpriced DLC these days though, because even when that happens, sometimes it necessary to keep a franchise with a much more compact but dedicated fanbase alive. Let the whales pay for it, etc.

  • No. I just don't care for most of them, even story DLCs like The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine. I'm usually very satisfied with the main game, so i don't crave more of it. I move my focus to other games instead.

  • Hardly ever, I just seem to always feel content with the base game. I have bought the odd one or two over the 10 or so years, but I could probably count them on both hands. Like Bam above me said, I'd rather move focus onto another full game.

  • I usually buy DLC for games that I enjoy. If I have the money for it, and it's a game I love playing, then I'll absolutely get more content from it.
    Sometimes I look at PSN trophy percentages, and I find it fascinating that most people don't play/get the DLC, so a lot of people think like what some of you think, in regards to DLC.
    Although I prefer story-based DLC expansions over microtransactions.

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    I dont really buy DLC, but it really depends on the content! Like the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC I bought without even thinking and I didnt regeret it one second. There are loads of other DLC (like for shooters etc) where I never bother as it just doesnt seem worth it to me.

  • Once per year, maybe, depending on the content I might buy the story DLC that is supposed to come out in fall for Xenoblade 2. The last ones remember buying were the 3 story DLCs for Senran Kagura 2 on the 3DS in I think 2016, maybe 2015, I forgot.
    I used to wait for Complete Editions of games but recently I came to the conclusion that the wait is most of the times not worth it.

  • @musou-tensei said:

    I might buy the story DLC that is supposed to come out in fall for Xenoblade 2.

    So far the devs have been very generous with putting most the cool new content in the free updates instead. Only thing the Expansion Pass has so far that's really worth spending more for (but not 30 dollars worth yet) is the quest that gets you an NPC to craft Premium Cylinders and Poppi Buster. Not that I haven't enjoyed the other quests that came with it, but they're far from essential. Honestly, I don't have a ton of faith the coming story DLC will be that good after what happened with Zelda, but I have over 200 hours on the game, so I didn't mind tossing a little extra at the devs, especially when they were being so generous with free updates and NG+ stuff.

  • If it's for games I still find value in and don't mind coming back to, and if the DLC itself looks interesting. Like with Destiny, Last of us, Mario kart 8, DBFZ, Horizon Zero Dawn, Bioshock infinite (those Burial at Sea bruh), Bloodborne, etc etc. Anything that's a form of "challenge dungeon" or map pack I don't generally go for.