Do You Buy Games At Launch?

  • So i have been noticing that i no longer buy games at launch. I don't pre-order and i don't buy them at full price. Because i have a massive backlog, but also because it's just not worth it in my opinion to buy it at full price. The only game i buy at launch every year is PES and nothing else. Everything else i buy on sale or when it has become cheaper

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    @the_andredal If there is a game I want badly enough I will usually buy it at full price. If it's something Im interested in but in no rush to play, I usually wait for a sale.
    For instance I'm getting God of War next week, but waiting until Far Cry and AC Origins drop before give those a whirl. Plus there is the added bonus of having all the quirks of buggier games ironed out by time you finally get around to them.

  • most new games are garbage these days (or at least most western games) so I don't really spend money on them
    I'm actually using gamefly a lot more
    I know it sounds like shilling but you get it day 1 and if you like it, it costs like $45 to get it

  • Not that often, a game has to really catch my eye for me to pick it up day one, and even then I end up regretting it half the time. That said since I got that best buy thing that lets you save 20% on purchases it's made it a lot easier to justify, new games only cost $50 after shipping instead of almost $70.

  • I will only get games Day One that I've anticipating for quite some time and have a great amount of hype for. Other games I have interest in, I'll give it a little bit before purchasing. Any remaining games I'm considering getting normally depend on other factors, and it will be a while before getting them, if not falling out of interest out right.

  • Maybe about half the time I do, but when I do that I use reward programs to get about a 20% discount on them when available. Of course waiting a year or so can save you tons of money, but there's some games you just can't wait to play and don't mind shelling out full price for. Some people even enjoy games themselves less than simply being part of the zeitgeist around brand new games and getting to voice their own opinions on them.

    For me though, it often comes down to being able to experience three games instead of one if I just wait a year or two on the games I want to play, and that's a trade I'm willing to make on all but my most anticipated games. However, my backlog has gotten so clogged currently that I've started to spoil myself a bit more often on Day 1 games, knowing I'll have stuff to fall back on if the need arises. That attitude will only last so long before I revert to my usual practices though.

  • Yes, very frequently.

  • IF its from a series that im a fan of i do but if im iffy on the game ill wait for a sale

  • In most cases no, with the only exceptions being games that I specifically want to support either because of the game itself or the team. Anything developed by Atlus, for example, I pre-order as soon as it is available and this year Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be a pre-order as well, other that I usually wait at least a little since I rarely feel I need to get it as soon as possible,

  • Yes, I need them now and in my veins

  • Most of the time if I know I'm going to play it, then yes. Because preordering is cheaper.

  • I'm in the "no" camp. Life is busy. (●︿●) I don't have enough time to play everything I want, even after being more and more selective about "what I want" means. So my "first playthroughs" are typically backlogged by a year (or more) nowadays.

    And something about myself in particular is that I replay games (both new and old) in equal measure or perhaps even more than "first playthroughs". I easily have the money to pay a full 60 or 90 dollars for each "first playthrough" of every current gen game (or even last gen game) and not think twice about that cost because it ends up being such a small number for me each year. I just don't have any reason to actually pay the full cost for these AAAs when I have equally appetizing AAAs from last year or the year before sitting right there... (sorry developers!)

    For everyone who is a "no-er" or "mostly no-er" (or even if you aren't idk), here's a fun question:

    What was your last game bought at launch?

    For me, it is Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (NDS), on Oct 21, 2008.

    That's 3,484 days ago at the time of writing, or 9 years, 6 months, 15 days.

    Will I hit 10 years, and reach that decade record? Well, I do have a good grasp of how much game time I am going to have left this year and which retro games and backlog games are my priorities. And it is basically a zero percent chance I'm going to have breathing room to buy a launch game this year, even if you let me have my wildest E3 pipedreams come true and they are making a AAA Soul Blazer and Actraiser in the Luminous Engine and Nightdive gets the rights to reboot Turok in the style of the original trilogy or something crazy like that. I'd still probably wait for a discount (and all the bugs to be fixed) while I play all the other cool games I own. (again, I feel sorry devs :/)

    The ONE scenario where I see this changing is if Brave Earth Prologue actually releases this year, after being announced in 2011 (I think). 2011 is so long ago that I could haven't predicted that I would fall off buying new releases so hard (i.e. end up being the type of person I am now), and I've always imagined buying Brave Earth on day one. This is partially because the game is right up my alley but mostly because the creator, Kayin, is/was a poster on another forum community I frequent. (So while it is just another solid indie game in the grand scheme of things, the release is going to be a megaton for us over in the forums). Then again, Life is Busy. I'm 7 years older now and I could be up to my ears on something important the month it drops.

  • Nah, I'm in no rush. I've got so much older stuff to play, and I can be a bit of a release order purist, like I want to play Persona 3 and 4 before trying 5 for example.

    The last time I bought stuff on release was 2013 (Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, GTA V), and it just didn't feel worth it. I didn't enjoy those more than any other games, I didn't feel part of anything by playing them, I didn't even feel like any of those games did anything new or impressive. I sorta swore off it then.

  • Sure, pretty often. Hmm, or maybe it's fifty-fifty. I know what I like the most really well beforehand, and I just need those games as soon as possible. Games like God of War, AC Origins, Horizon and Uncharted. RDR2 later this year for sure.

    Then there are games I know I'd like as well, but that can wait. There are a bunch of different reasons for the price-drop waiting for these, it's hard to pinpoint. They're often Lego games, for instance, or Watch Dogs 2 that I finally got last week. Tomb Raider fits this as well.

  • If i can, yes. Recently i buy games a few weeks late due to just how stacked my backlog is.

  • I rarely preorder anymore (except for some collector's editions, like the upcoming Spider-Man!), but I do pick up games at launch, especially those that I'm interested in (I recently got God of War when it launched last month). September is going to be interesting, there are lots of games coming out that I'm interested in (Spider-Man, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, DQXI, Spyro), so I'm not sure how that month will work in regards to picking up games at launch.

  • If I really want it then I will buy it at launch.

    I never pre-order unless there is a FREE benefit. For example, Yakuza 6 pre-order had a different case and artbook. Dark Souls pre-order came with a free steel case, art book, and guide. In hindsight, the Dark Souls art book is so awesome because a lot of the designs look very gothic and they were clearly morphed into what became Bloodborne because some of those designs didn't make the actual game.

    Day 1 recently/upcoming:

    • Dark Souls: Remastered
    • Yakuza 6
    • Uncharted 4
    • MGS V
    • Bloodborne

  • If a game I'm interested in comes from a publisher I trust (like PQube, Xseed, SEGA or Idea Factory) yeah most likely a day 1 if not a pre-order, if not (like NISA) I'll wait for confirmation from websites I trust that they didn't fuck up the localization.
    The thought that I could have spend 60 bucks on the awful Ys VIII localization alone justifies how I handle these things nowadays.

  • It really depends on the game. If it's from a franchise I'm a big fan of then yes. If it's something totally new and gets my attention, sure. Remakes (not remasters) of games I love are day 1 because they're usually not full price. If they're in that $40 - $50 range I'll bite. Otherwise I'll wait a couple of months for a sale. This year the only games I bought and plan to buy day 1 are God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2.

  • If it's games from the unholy trinity, then no. Hell, I've boycotted all of their games. The only exception was the Crash Trilogy and now the Spyro Trilogy.

    I buy games, I know I am going to play or enjoy. I prefer supporting the niche publisher or developers that don't try to screw the consumer over.