PLEASE HELP! Fighting Guile as Ken Street Fighter 5

  • Hi,
    So I'm kinda going insane here. I just cannot seem to get in on guile and his double sonic boom has so much armor that 2 fireballs will get me killed. Also his jump-ins beat all my anti-air. MP dragon punch, crouching HP, EX hurricane, air hurricane it all gets beat. His normal sonic boom comes so fast that I can't react to it. Anyone have any idea what I can do or is guile just always going to beat Ken?

  • Come on,ken's m.Srk has invincibility.

    The idea is obviously to rushdown and bait flashkicks,although not gonna lie guile is kinda strong in this game :\

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    Throw fireballs, slowly push him to the corner, play patiently until it's time to go ham.

    Dash close, run stop where you can. Don't let him keep you at full screen

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Ochi never mind I guess I must just suck. Thanks for the reply though.

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    It's going to be difficult, but it's going to feel so good when you get it and get inside Guile's head!

    We believe in you! :D

  • If your game is about jumping in, always look for the right time to jump.
    Don't jump in at guile when he's just crouching there, I don't play Ken, but from what I gather, he can vary the timing of his jumps with his air hurricane kicks/dive kicks.
    That will be key as so you can bait different anti-airs and punish accordingly.

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