The Easy Allies' Favorite Games

  • Hi EZA community I need your help.

    I want to make things for each of the Easy Allies pertaining to their favorite game. I searched the forum but found no answer. I try to list my guesses below, please correct them if you can.

    Brandon Jones - Red Dead Redemption

    Daniel Bloodworth - Gran Turismo 5

    Ben Moore - Persona 5

    Kyle Bosman - Mega Man Legend

    Michael Damiani - Zelda Ocarina of time

    Michael Huber - Resident Evil 2

    Ian Hinck - Bloodborne

    Bradley Ellis - Dark Soul 3

    Don Casanova - Jurassic Park builder

  • Would Brad's be FFVII instead?

  • Mr. Jones' is Final Fantasy VI, but making something Red Dead themed wouldn't be far off.
    Mr. Bloodworth is a hard one as his reputation is a racing or music forte, but Super Metroid is probably a good bet.
    For Mr. Moore, that could be a whole host of things as his enthusiasm for gaming as a whole means it's harder to pin down what he loves the most.
    For as often as Mr. Bosman has brought Mega Man Legends to the Hall of Greats, that's a pretty good pick.
    As Mr. Damiani is all things Nintendo, and especially Zelda, that's probably the safest bet.
    Mr. Huber always says one of a handful of games are his favorite, so you're pretty set for him.
    Bloodborne is an excellent choice for Mr. Hinck (or any Dark Souls for that matter), but Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is another option.
    Indeed, Mr. Ellis's favorite is Final Fantasy VII
    And with the enigma that is Mr. Casanova, I can only go off of the Hall of Greats, so I think that's an excellent choice.

  • I think Ben has a real soft spot for the original Metal Gear Solid, too

  • @naltmank Yeah, I seem to remember Ben mentioning MGS as his favourite, but he's an easy one to make happy with a few choices.

  • Thanks for the help!

  • Kyle favourite is Shrek 3