That's E3 News?

  • It's that time of year where e3 leaks happen and this thrrad is to discuss and share them.

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    I hope that the success of Origins hasn't convinced Ubi that we want AC to become an annual series again.

  • @el-shmiablo I can see most of the leaks happening except AC. It could be like the AC spin off game like Far Cry gets.

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    @iboshow Spinoffs are what made people lose interest in AC in the first place. We don't need another Rogue or Liberty.

  • I think it will depend on what they reveal

  • WOW! So if this is true (probably is), Wal-Mart single handedly botched Microsoft, Square, and Bethesda's E3 announcements. Really kills the fun of E3.

  • @dipset Most of these announcements where rumoured for a long time, except for Rage 2.

  • Capcom has two big titles planned for 2019. Most people are guessing either DMC5 and ReRemake2.

  • I believe it was 2 big games for now till early 2019. Plus new IP

  • Damn, some of those sound like they would have been hype announcements, do kinda hope we get a Rage remaster alongside its sequel (Seeing as PS4 /X1 should have no issue running it, especially if It's ported to the current ID engine.
    Little confused about "Assassins Creed" and "Dragon Quest 2", Dragon Quest I assume is the HD version Japan got just before 11 came out although if it is where is DQ1 and 3 seeing as they got HD ports too. As for "Assassins Creed " I assume its just a place holder name, or were getting a remake of AC1 in the series current engine (At least I hope so)
    Pretty sure Borderlands 3 was a sure thing this year.
    Never been big into Splinter Cell but its not like anyone else is left for me to get my stealth espionage fix from, Unless remasters/remakes of MGS 1-4 get announced out of the Blue.

  • I'd guess the DQ game is Builders 2.

  • I'm skipping the leaks, i want to be shocked during E3!

  • @iboshow said in That's E3 News?:

    @dipset Most of these announcements where rumoured for a long time, except for Rage 2.

    I am aware that most of these were rumoured but it still kills the excitement of the reveal. Square Enix is having their first E3 presence in a few years, Bethesda has had solid E3 showings with games that are announced then released shortly afterward, and Microsoft has advertised this as their biggest E3 of all time.

    I think the biggest damage would be Microsoft's E3, where potentially bombastic announcements are kneecapped by this leak. It is supposed to be a big year according to them and now 2-3 games have been announced by Wal-Mart essentially.

  • Leaks don't damage announcements, bad trailers do.

  • @bam541 I agree, this takes the fun and surprise out of everything. Luckily none of those announcements/leaks were that dramatic for me, so no harm done yet.

  • Most of these games are sequels so i don't care as much but still i was afraid that From Software game will get leaked.

    This is funny
    Check out @RAGEgame’s Tweet:

  • Bloodborne was leaked but it looked even better during the reveal

  • It is always a bit of shame when stuff like this happens. A huge kick-off to a title's marketing plan dampened by somebody just blindly entering things into a database and pushing it live a bit too early.

  • Idk, I disagree. Sure bad trailers make everything worse but E3 is basically a spectacle for those who observe as opposed to networking/trades show. There is a certain degree of magic that gets lost in leaks.

    The Bloodborne leak almost enhanced it because we knew the FromSoftware A-team was working on something and the off-camera footage of "Project Beast" generated hype for a potential E3 announcement. Maybe I'm forgetting something about Bloodborne specifically leaking in which I will be quiet if that is the case.

  • @cocage
    my guess is Mega Man 11 (late November) and DMC5 by February. REmake 2 will be shown and even have a demo included with DMC5