Something I just noticed about Crash Bandicoot (the PS1 trilogy).

  • I never noticed back then, but Naughty Dog took a lot from Donkey Kong Country. A lot of people (me being one of them ) have said that Crash was Sony's answer to Mario, but the more you look at it, it was Sony's answer to DK. This more so noticeable with the first two games, while Warped started doing more of its own thing, but it' still there. Gimmicky vehicle section, automated animal riding segments, and the fact that Crash can only take one hit (three if you got two Aku Aku masks). Of course, Sonic influences are bound as well: animal mascot with attitude vs evil mad scientist, and colored gems. Unfortunately, similar to Sonic, later games went about going in too many different directions trying to please everyone; instead of focusing on what worked. Because of the remake, I do hope we get future Crash titles that play similar to their old counterparts, but with influences from games like Jak & Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, or Sly Cooper. Did anyone else notice this or with similar situations with other games?

  • I mean, I've always appreciated Crash for taking 3D and doing something different with it. It did take bits and pieces from games like DK where you drive on animals, but I also liked how you'd run towards the camera, then in some levels you run away from the camera, then in the middle of the level you switch to sidescroller. I'd say it does take from DK but it also took from a lot from many other games as well. PS1 had a good handful of 3D sidescrollers that were very very good and Crash came a bit later and learned from them.

    I'd say I do not want to see a new Crash game. The series isn't very great in my opinion and wasn't the best platformer on the PS1 (that goes to Spyro 2 imo). I'd agree with you that if there are more Crash games, I want them to be similar to the PS1 titles instead of becoming something entirely new. I imagine a Crash Bandicoot take on Ratchet & Clank would appeal to nobody.

    I'd rather Activision funds a sequel to Spyro which would play almost identical to the originals (jump, glide, breathe fire, speed boosts, special timed abilities, etc) while exploring new ways to use the fundamentals laid out in those older games. Crash to me just was just a piece of history and doesn't need to be explored much further than the remake trilogy.

  • @dipset I agree to most of what you said, but I still would not mind a new Crash game. Apparently, since the remake sold better than expected, Activision wouldn't mind green lighting a new game for Vicarious to work on. Which is ironic, because Activision and Sony thought the trilogy would fail and not sell well. I found this shocking on the latter's part. I'm saying to myself, "Sony why are you so surprised? It's one of console exclusives that help build the original PlayStation." Crash was the face of PlayStation during the 5th generation of consoles. It just goes to show how out of touch publishers are these days.

  • Did they think it would fail? It generated a lot of hype in a short period of time.

  • @dipset Yes.

    "Activision did not expect the release of the N. Sane Trilogy to be as big as it was; it was the largest single-platform launch of the year (beating out Horizon Zero Dawn) and many stores sold out of copies within a few hours of release. The success of the remakes/remasters is even enough for Activision to openly consider branching out more remakes of their franchises."

  • damn! Good for Crash. I have a lot of friends who only played games a bit as a child who came out of the woodwork to buy Crash on PS4. My non-gamer friend texted me out of nowhere "SPYRO IS COMING TO PS4! I NEED A PS4!!".

    That era of PS1 was beautiful and I'm glad it's coming back.