Help me understand the hype about superhero movies

  • First off, I loved watching Spider-Man and Batman animated series as a kid and I love the old Spider-Man movies and The Dark Knight trilogy, I'm also excited for the new Spider-Man game.
    So yeah, there's no denying the fact there's so much hype about superhero movies lately and I just don't get it. I tried to watch them, I tried to like them, but I just can't. I feel like it's the same thing over and over with every single Marvel and DC movie.

    What I'm asking is, help me understand why there's so much hype about these movies, everyone around me is talking about it and how great it is, but I don't get it at all. Am I missing something?

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  • So I can only really speak to the MCU, not the DC stuff.

    The first thing that's worth noting that the MCU is basically a soap opera but with superpowers (I would argue the same is true of the comics). And as with any soap opera, it only works if you like the majority of the characters, and so care about them. Much like the Spider-man and Batman animated series you watched as a kid, actually.

    Secondly I think it's worth remembering that these aren't smart intellectual movies. They're dumb fun of the very best kind. Big bright colourful smile-inducing fun. Don't expect anything ground breaking.

    So I think the "I feel like it's the same thing over and over again" can be a problem. Especially if you're watching the first movie in each characters series. Iron Man 1, Cap 1, Spiderman 1, Batman Begins, etc. These are all stories that are telling us how someone becomes the superhero that we know and love, establishing who they are. They all have the same basic pattern. Them getting powers (or having a need to build a suit or whatever), finding a bad guy/thing that needs defeating, and finding the strength within themselves to defeat the bad, whilst learning who they really are in the process.
    To see what they can be once you get past that, maybe try Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I think that's a very different kind of movie in taking Cap and then putting seeing what he does in this tough place. Just The Dark Knight took the Batman established in Batman Begins and then starts seeing how this guy reacts rather than establishing a baseline. Looking at the animated series you mentioned I think it's interesting they don't even start with origin stories, they just jump into the soap opera of it all.

    Finally, I think it's fine not to like them. It may not be that you're missing anything that would make them click for you, just that they aren't your kind of stuff. And that's fine. There is nothing wrong with missing out on things you don't enjoy.

  • Yeah I don't get it either.

  • They're just easy to watch, casual popcorn fodder. They will always attract a large crowd.

  • I could go on and on, but I think you could do better by listening to what @mikeyface of @FilmJoy has to say. I think whether or not you like these movies, his breakdowns are always a fantastic watch.

    And it bears mentioning, SPOILERS for these films in these videos.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • Hype is everywhere, first you need to find the hype that's deep inside you.

  • @iboshow That was amazingly corny. 😀

    @Hidz I can try to explain it, but hype tends to be something you either understand or not.
    Basically these are big blockbuster movies with big stars that are for the most part, at least for Marvel, well made movies. That's enough for a lot of people. Just fun at the cinema.
    For comic fans though, you're talking about seeing their heroes on the screen, either from their childhood nostalgia or from now. It's a big deal to see something you love get a big budget movie, like it was for LotR or Harry Potter fans, and an even bigger deal when those movies are good and do well. Us comic fans had to deal with some dark times. It's nice now to have other people more accepting of what we used to love and get made fun of for.

    For the MCU it's more interesting. They're taking a different approach to movie making. They're basically doing an Event Comic in movie form, treating individual movies like tie in comics building to a big crossover. So if we're talking hype for Infinity War, that's a big reason why. It's unique.

  • I felt the same way as you for quite awhile, but I've actually really started enjoying a lot of the more recent Marvel movies. Not only do a lot of them have entirely different vibes nowadays, they have come a long, long way as far as telling a story. My hype levels always rise when I see someone like Doctor Strange receive recognition because well, I can't ever remember anyone else talking much about him growing up but I've always had an affinity towards the sorcerer supreme.

    Thor: Ragnarok has an orgy bus. I just want to point that out.

  • Its just a film genre, if you are not into its fine. Some like horror films some dont. Some like superhero films some dont. Doesnt matter

  • I think one of the keys to success for MCU specifically is the humor. It has a specific feel that started with Iron Man and I think it follows a similar formula. Iron Man overengineering everything around him, (looking at you robot-arms!), Thor struggling with Earth customs, etc. I've seen many of these movies in the theater and I've lost count of the number of times I missed some line because the entire theater bursts into laughter. The humor did seem clever to me early on, but I think after a few movies you either buy into the humor and enjoy it or (like me) you start seeing past the jokes and just see the formula behind them. I think it has improved though, probably as they've given the writing/directing roles to fresh faces.

    Here's the real hottake though, I kind of feel like the new Star Wars movies have been "Marvel-ized" because I swear I see that same formula at work in them. I always think of the originals as having fewer and more subtle laughs, which is more my style. I don't see this brought up often in critiques though so it may just be in my head.

  • Sometimes you like movies and then sometimes you don't

  • Superheroes are modern day mythology, sometimes even based on ancient mythology.

    A culture's collective mythology helps convey belonging, shared and religious experiences, behavioral models, and moral and practical lessons.

    Also, people like being entertained, and they usually have a lot of explosions, and punching, and the good guys usually win. Usually.