E3 2018 Dreams/Predictions

  • We are one month away from that time of year where we can discuss predictions on what will happen at E3 but also what you want? Will you have safe predictions, will you reach for the sky.

    • Rocksteady Wonder Woman game
    • Warner Bros. Montreal Batman Beyond game
    • TLOU II ends the conference
    • Dreams Beta shadow Drop
    • There will be 2 marvel games shown
    • Star Wars CGI trailer
    • Red Dead Game Play reveal
    • Zone of the Enders release date
    • Pokemon will be disappointing
    • Halo will end the conference and Gears starts
    • DMC V will contain a kid
    • Borderlands 3 will have 0 laughs during Microsoft
    • Tony Hawk Skate 4
    • P7 will be shown during Microsoft
    • Retro will show a horror game
    • Bloodborne 2
    • Resident Evil 2 remake demo shadow drop

  • I have three reasonable predictions for Square Enix showcase:

    1. Kingdom Hearts III dated. This seems like a no-brainer to me. Probably late November.
    2. FF8 joins 7 and 9 with a port to the PS4. This will be a shadow drop. Just like 9 was.
    3. FFXIII trilogy will be released on PS4 early in 2019. This one, I think, is least likely. But I want to play them again.

  • Sony press conference:
    1: Shin Yakuza release date announced at E3. 2018 JP/Q1 2019 US
    2: Ueda/GenDesign/ ex-Team Ico's new game announced
    3: I have predicted WiLD to show up at every major conference for the last 2 years. Ancel posted an instagram pic of it last year, but we haven't seen it in motion since PGW2015
    4: Persona Dancing Star and Moon Night will be announced for the West in 2018. I can see it being a holiday title.
    5: There will be a Ghost of Tsushima gameplay trailer*

    *editing to a PLAYABLE DEMO SHADOW DROP. since it's already been confirmed to be there.

  • Before I start, can I just ask everyone to not post leaks in this thread? I've seen a few pop up online already and I'd really hate to have 80% of the surprises spoiled before the conferences, so if you know anything, please keep it to yourselves, or make another E3 Leaks thread that I can safely ignore. Thanks :)

    I'll edit my predictions in later

  • Post your leaks here
    Everything I predicted will happen, I can guarentee it. Don't be surprised when they show them.

  • My predictions:

    • Naughty Dog will announce that they are working on two projects. They show TLOU Part II early in the conference and tease the other game at the end of the conference
    • Prey DLC will be shadowdropped, along with an announcement of a new futuristic-themed IP from Bethesda
    • EA teases a new Burnout
    • Destiny 2 will NOT be shown, there's a big focus on Black Ops IIII instead
    • Microsoft shows Halo 6
    • From Software's new game will be shown first at Microsoft's conference, suggesting that it's a non-exclusive multiplatform game
    • Devil May Cry 5 will have an gameplay focused showing at Sony similiar to MH World's first showing, and will also announce the release date (which is January next year)
    • Death Stranding will NOT be shown, opting to once again appear at this years' The Game Awards
    • Bluepoint's new remake project will be shown as a mysterious teaser
    • New Sly Cooper will be announced (plz plz plz)
    • A big Gran Turismo related thing will be announced

  • I'm giving one prediction for each in the Community Showcase, but I was thinking about a week from the conferences (or showcases as everyone seems to be calling them now) I would create presentation specific threads to discuss hopes, dreams, news, predictions, reactions, and analysis from everyone. I'll go full five predictions per presentation then.

  • @bam541 said in E3 2018 Dreams/Predictions:

    Death Stranding will NOT be shown, opting to once again appear at this years' The Game Awards

    Hehe, they just posted this an hour ago:

    PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios will be at E3 in full force to provide you with an exclusive look at four upcoming titles: Death Stranding from Kojima Productions, Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch, Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games, and The Last of Us Part II from Naughty Dog.

    *not a leak, this is news from the official blog from Layden.

  • @tokyoslim Damn it! I mean, that's fantastic news, but damn it!

  • F R O M S O F T W A R E

  • Doom 2 Announcement
    Metro Exodus Gameplay
    Splinter cell back on roots
    Rage 2 Reveal Gameplay
    Hitman season 2
    Remedy P7

  • Bluepoint remastering Assassin's Creed
    Any more information for Ghosts of Tsuchiya
    More info on that Avengers game
    Devil May Cry 5
    Anything from From Software
    New Burnout
    New Katamari Damacy
    That Smash Bros is a new game, not a port

    And as always my normal pie in the sky dream....
    Xenogears remake.

  • @iboshow Okay, so while rumours seem to contradict the idea of a Rocksteady Wonder Woman, this seems like such an obvious choice. Why no one has managed to make a good WW game is beyond me. Her powers would work so well in a game, and she's popular again!

    I just want ANYONE to make a WW game. I can't stand that Injustice is the only version of her that gamers get.

  • @inustar said in E3 2018 Dreams/Predictions:

    Any more information for Ghosts of Tsuchiya

    Ghost of Tsushima is confirmed for the Sony conference.

  • @tokyoslim Yeah, this pleases me. I just want to see more of this world.

    Also learned that my autocorrect doesn't understand Tsushima, but Tsuchiya is good.

  • @inustar i've been asking for a wonder woman game for years.

  • Its time for a Panzer Dragoon Saga Remake. Please Sega.

  • Sony

    • Bluepoint is doing Demon's Souls Remake/master
    • Fromsofts project is a new IP not exclusive but may have extra content with sony
    • Gio Corsi come out and announces 3rd party games (Trails of Cold Steel 3 and Kai included, PS4 and Vita port of YS books 1&2 hopefully crossbell games too )
    • disc based backwards compatibility with ps2 and 3 games (ps4 dosnt have a cd rom drive so no ps1 games )
    • Date for ghost of tsushiba March 2019, Days Gone November 2018, Kingdom Hearts 3 October 2018
    • MY dream pick would be something with the Legend of Dragoon ip


    • Octopath traveller story trailer
    • Dark souls Release date
    • metroid prime 4 will be march 2019
    • New F-Zero From retro studios
    • Smash will be November 2018
    • Pokemon will be a reboot and will be released in September 2018 (will have 2 version 1 starts in kanto 1 starts in johto)
    • Mother 4 Tease and a Mother 3 shadow drop

  • Banned

    Sony - Preshow will be better than the actual show.
    Nintendo - They are showing the new Smash. They've already won.
    Microsoft - Nobody cares.

    • Shadows Die Twice is a new IP, and releases april 15 2019
    • Sly Cooper original trilogy remake/remaster, like with Crash and Spyro, release date summer 2019
    • The Last of Us part II gameplay reveal, the playable character in the demo is NOT Ellie or Joel
    • Ghosts Of Tsushima gets release window
    • Metroid Prime 4 has a trailer, but no release date
    • Death Stranding trailer says '2019' at the end