E3 2018 Dreams/Predictions

  • Bluepoint remastering Assassin's Creed
    Any more information for Ghosts of Tsuchiya
    More info on that Avengers game
    Devil May Cry 5
    Anything from From Software
    New Burnout
    New Katamari Damacy
    That Smash Bros is a new game, not a port

    And as always my normal pie in the sky dream....
    Xenogears remake.

  • @iboshow Okay, so while rumours seem to contradict the idea of a Rocksteady Wonder Woman, this seems like such an obvious choice. Why no one has managed to make a good WW game is beyond me. Her powers would work so well in a game, and she's popular again!

    I just want ANYONE to make a WW game. I can't stand that Injustice is the only version of her that gamers get.

  • @inustar said in E3 2018 Dreams/Predictions:

    Any more information for Ghosts of Tsuchiya

    Ghost of Tsushima is confirmed for the Sony conference.

  • @tokyoslim Yeah, this pleases me. I just want to see more of this world.

    Also learned that my autocorrect doesn't understand Tsushima, but Tsuchiya is good.

  • @inustar i've been asking for a wonder woman game for years.

  • Its time for a Panzer Dragoon Saga Remake. Please Sega.

  • Sony

    • Bluepoint is doing Demon's Souls Remake/master
    • Fromsofts project is a new IP not exclusive but may have extra content with sony
    • Gio Corsi come out and announces 3rd party games (Trails of Cold Steel 3 and Kai included, PS4 and Vita port of YS books 1&2 hopefully crossbell games too )
    • disc based backwards compatibility with ps2 and 3 games (ps4 dosnt have a cd rom drive so no ps1 games )
    • Date for ghost of tsushiba March 2019, Days Gone November 2018, Kingdom Hearts 3 October 2018
    • MY dream pick would be something with the Legend of Dragoon ip


    • Octopath traveller story trailer
    • Dark souls Release date
    • metroid prime 4 will be march 2019
    • New F-Zero From retro studios
    • Smash will be November 2018
    • Pokemon will be a reboot and will be released in September 2018 (will have 2 version 1 starts in kanto 1 starts in johto)
    • Mother 4 Tease and a Mother 3 shadow drop

  • Sony - Preshow will be better than the actual show.
    Nintendo - They are showing the new Smash. They've already won.
    Microsoft - Nobody cares.

    • Shadows Die Twice is a new IP, and releases april 15 2019
    • Sly Cooper original trilogy remake/remaster, like with Crash and Spyro, release date summer 2019
    • The Last of Us part II gameplay reveal, the playable character in the demo is NOT Ellie or Joel
    • Ghosts Of Tsushima gets release window
    • Metroid Prime 4 has a trailer, but no release date
    • Death Stranding trailer says '2019' at the end

    • Bluepoint remaking any of these (Devil May Cry, MGS 1, 2 or 3, God of War or God of War II)
    • The Last of Us Part II gameplay reveal.
    • Devil May Cry 5 reveal
    • REmake 2 is finally shown
    • Another insane Death Stranding trailer
    • From Software announces BloodBorne II, but anything they show will be fine.
    • Doom II
    • Red Dead Redemption II gameplay trailer

  • @brannox join in the fun, your prediction could change in a month

  • @iboshow Oh believe me when I say I've already had to change one apiece with Ubisoft and Nintendo, and outright had to rework my Sony picks. EA, Microsoft and Bethesda have been the same for the last month. Although, I did have to come up with five Square-Enix ones.

  • I think there's a 70 percent chance the new FromSoft game is shown at somebody other than Sony's conference.

  • @ff7cloud said in E3 2018 Dreams/Predictions:

    Mother 3 shadow drop

    If this happens I think I will explode. Not sexually, just regularly.

    This is the dream of dreams.