Different gaming styles for different situations

  • Has anyone here ever noticed that they like to play different styles of games in different situations.
    Now that Nintendo Switch is a thing, it's become really noticeable to about what time of games i'm playing and when.

    when i first played Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze on Wii, it didn't hold my attention for too long, at first i thought i was just getting tired of platformers, but i've bought it on Switch, and it's the same thing when i'm at home, it doesn't hold my attention span for long when playing on the tv but i can't seem to stop playing it when i'm on the go, i'm loving having DK to play when i'm on the train or in the lunchroom while at work.

    meanwhile it's the exact opposite for other games, i'm finding i don't really like playing Xenoblade or Splatoon while on the go, but i love having them to play when i'm at on on the tv.

    it's hard to explain exactly why this is, but i think it mostly comes down to genres like platformers like DK being really good for short 5-10 minute sessions on the go, whereas big open games like Xenoblade or competitive multiplayer focused games like Splatoon i'm finding demand more attention and time investment from me to sink into.

    has anyone else noticed stuff like this with their Switch? are certain games you don't really like playing on the TV but love in handheld/tabletop mode and vice versa?

  • Most definitely, yes. I find that there are several games that, while I love them dearly, I won’t touch unless I have at least 2-3 hours to devote to them alone and uninterrupted. While on the go, I also find that turn-based games hold more allure for me than when I’m on the tv. Having a system that naturally accommodates starting and stopping really shines in those instances. It’s likely why games like Pokemon and Fire Emblem are well suited to those devices.

    For the DK series, I’ve only played them on TV, but judging by how much I enjoyed having games like 3D Land as a portable option, I’m sure Tropical Freeze is a perfect game on the go. It’s something where I wouldn’t have to focus on a complex narrative or battle system, so I would be less bothered by distractions.

  • It's not something I've personally noticed of myself. I mean yes, there's obviously games/genres better suited for on the go, and that's frequently been seen in the way in which dedicated handheld games have been designed, but I can't say that's really much of a new discovery.

    I'd rarely ever fire up Xenoblade on the go myself, but that's only because there's just not enough time usually to make any progress, I guess on a long flight I would though, but I just don't travel really. The Switch and my handhelds are great though for when I'm going to stay somewhere, a hotel for instance, and in those cases, the games I play are no different to any other time. I can't say I've ever come across a game though which I enjoy on the go, but then not really at home. I'd never play something like DK for only 5-10 minutes though, or just about any videogame for that matter. A crossword, Sudoku or something like that is what I personally turn to when I want to burn 5-10 minutes.

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    Now that we've got a kid, I find I've almost completely abandoned multiplayer focused games. Even Monster Hunter World, a game I've been waiting a decade for, isn't much of a priority for me.
    Playing a lot of singleplayer stuff that I can drop whenever I need to, say, change a shitty diaper. Luckily there has been a deluge of SP stuff lately. God of War is fantastic.
    Also kudos to whoever invented the Suspend feature for videogames. Love putting the controller down only to come back a few hours/day later and pick up EXACTLY where I left off.

  • No, not really, in fact I wish I could play all 3DS games on the TV, the only reason I play on handhelds is exclusives I can only play on them, I don't really "play" on the go, when I can I usually use those times to farm/grind stuff in games I then really play at home.

  • I love playing turn-based strategy games, platformers, puzzle games, and racing games on handhelds. I used to have a PSP, and those are the kinds of games i play all the time on it. They're just perfect for the small screen for me. For turn-based strategy and puzzle games, it's just easier for me to play them on outdoor environments since i can think clearer. As for platformers and racing games, they are perfect for playing on the go since they have more bite-sized levels, or i can easily play them in short bursts. I can certainly play those kind of games on my console but i would play them in short bursts, just like how i would play my handheld. I also tend to avoid story-heavy games on my handheld. As much as i love Uncharted, i still haven't played Golden Abyss.

  • @el-shmiablo Same for me, except I don't have a kid. Getting a job means that most multiplayer games become tedious and not much room to play. Then again, I never cared for most mp games to begin with. By the time Modern Warfare 2 came out, I was more or less done multiplayer fps. If it wasn't a fighting game or Rocket League, count me out. I always prefer single-player or couch multiplayer. Especially the latter. The games I do are platformer, brawlers/hack and slash, and arcade racers. Sometimes puzzle games. I rarely buy portable games anymore. I don't know what it is, but I guess it's a case of time and money.

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    @cocage I have a pretty close knit group of friends I've known since high school so that helps. We all usually get really invested in a few MP games together. Siege has been our goto for a bit, or anything with a big focus on teamwork really.

    Kinda sucks reading the chat and seeing them all playing without me, but babby is priority right now. No locked in half hour ranked matches for this guy. I'm sure I'll get back into the swing of things eventually, but I'm quite content with SP stuffs for now.

  • I'm quite the opposite than you Yoshi. The appeal of the Switch to me is the exclusives and MAYBE being able to play in my bed or while laying down on the couch while somebody else uses the TV or something like that.

    I feel this complete discomfort while gaming on-the-go. I remember playing a few RPG games on my PS Vita like Persona 4 Golden on a GO Bus from Toronto to my hometown, and I felt like I'd get flustered knowing I have to pack a few things up into my backpack, put my headphones away, scooch over some stranger, walk down from the top deck of the bus to the bottom, then make sure I don't miss the stop. Long gone are the days where I'd sit in the back of my parents car and play GameBoy for hours and hours. But I will say that I'd be more likely to play something like DK Tropical Freeze while on that bus ride knowing I can put it down at any moment and really wouldn't be losing out on anything.

  • Visual Novels for me are only playable on a handheld. I can't seem to engage them on TV but on a portable, it just "feels" better. Maybe it's because it feels like I'm reading a book, which is what visual novels essentially are. I actually played a good portion of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in handheld mode and would prefer it if not for the fact that stowing away the switch when I'm not playing scares me due to the possibility of breaking it somehow.

  • Shovel Knight and Sonic Mania have become my handheld or tabletop mode Switch go-to games. Everything else I try to play on the tv as much as possible. Main reason I like playing those two games handheld is they don't drain the battery as fast, so any less intensive indie game could work just as well for that.

  • @cocage said in Different gaming styles for different situations:

    I guess it's a case of time and money

    wouldn't having a job just mean less time but more money?

    that's how it is for me. i buy alot more games now. but i have less time lol

  • @yoshi I have the money, it's more so the time I am talking about. It's why I don't bother with Multiplayercentric first Person Shooters, long winded "open world" games, or super long W/JRPGS.