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    Gameplay Reveal tommorow

    Avalanche is a good choice. they are talented developers and i hope its not going to be boring. avalanche also mean driving mechanic will be better this time around however shooting mechanic will be worse.

    also they are going more crazy over the top.

    Still lets hope Rage 2 is what Rage 1 should have been.

    on a bright it id Software not working on it means that they can now fully working on Doom 2.

    Edit: id software and avalanche both are working

  • Avalanche is perfect for this, their experience with Mad Max will certainly benefit them here. There are a lot of things that can be improved from Mad Max and Rage 1, and i believe that they can make it truly right this time. Bethesda has been on a roll recently with Wolfenstein, Evil Within, and Doom. Would love to see Rage added to the list.

  • I thought this was an E3 reveal?

  • @a7x458 If it was, then the Walmart Canada leaks messed that plan up.

  • Saw it earlier, I love the fact that it's getting a sequel
    Brilliant style for the teaser.

  • Avalanche is certainly a capable and talented team. I just had major issues with the storytelling and general paint-by-the-numbers approach they took with Mad Max. I'm a still skeptically excited. RAGE 1 was one of the first PC games I played on my first gaming PC and I think quite fondly of it, especially the AI.

    This teaser was kinda effed though. Weird live action aesthetic. Kinda hoping it is a 3P/1P hybrid shooter.

  • @sheria said in RAGE 2 announced trailer - develop by avalanche studio:

    Saw it earlier, I love the fact that it's getting a sequel
    Brilliant style for the teaser.

    remember back in 2011 when i was so hyped for Rage 1. nearly most of my thread on GT was based on that game that even mods got sick of em and close every thread and i got warned not to talk more about game. haha good times.

    Rage is game that deserve another chance with how amazing DOOM turn out. on id tech 6 Rage 2 can be great if it fix all problems.

    i wont get hype for it like i did with original. it will save for DOOM 2.

  • I'm not gonna lie, pre-gameplay RAGE 2 has gotta be one of the most unappealing things I've ever seen. The amount of cringe is unbelievable.

  • https://www.gamespot.com/articles/rage-2-being-developed-in-part-by-just-cause-studi/1100-6458925/

    also its joint develop by id software and avalanche. sound like it will be best of both. id software shooting with avalanche driving/racing. now that would be fun.

    Now im so hype!!. anything id software is doing especially after GOAT DOOM. its a win in my book.

  • @marketplace_dc

    Yeah I find the announcement to be pretty uncomfortable.

    As per gameplay, id Software on shooting/engine and Avalanche on vehicles sounds wonderful.

  • I liked the first game, but I also wasn't over hyped thinking it was going to be bigger and bolder than FO3, like some of the marketing behind it.

    BE made the best of a bad situation, and I am hyped.

  • ID has a good momentum right now so i hope for the best.

  • That teaser tells me I'm not the audience for this game, I don't find the tone appealing at all, but I gotta respect the boldness. It's definitely more catchy than another grey-brown doom-and-gloom post-apocalyptic world. So they at least got my attention and I'll be curious to check out the gameplay trailer.

  • Though I'm sure what I think about the tone of trailer, the main thing I get from the trailer is that it looks like some people had a lot of fun making it. Which just gives me some hope that they probably had a lot of fun making the game too. Speaks stronger to me than most other forms of advertising.

  • Banned

    I have, like, negative excitement for this game, which is odd considering I thought Mad Max was actually pretty neat and I've enjoyed the last few Id titles.

  • Here is Gameplay trailer:
    Youtube Video

  • WOW the gameplay looks so amazing. DOOM like gameplay and movement blend in Rage universe? thats what i was hoping and i really want.

    I knew after DOOM id software can make really great Rage 2. and it seem like they did

    Im so hyped for it.

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  • Rage 2 looks like different games that were all similar I've played many times before, with aspects that don't vibe with me.

    I'm happy for those who are looking forward to it, but personally, the gameplay trailer really didn't do much to get me wanting to play Rage.

    It'll be a pass for me.

  • Banned

    Yeah. Still not interested. Looks like Borderlands without the neat comic book aesthetic.