• @themarcv You make some fair points, but I honestly don't want having to worry about your gas tank to become a trend in these open world games. It might work for Days Gone, because it is entirely about that, but that doesn't mean it should be carried over to every other open world setting. I don't think of Rage 2 as a survival game, and I don't want to have to manage resources in it. (besides maybe ammo for heavier weapons)

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    I personally think that added granularity to games is always a good thing, especially with games trending so heavily towards open worlds with vehicles.
    I don't know how frequently Days Gone makes you do it, but I enjoyed having to do something similar in Mad Max. Fortunately you didn't have to do it all that often, and hijacking other vehicles was an option if you did run out of gas, but yeah. Complexity = good, at least in the world of overcasualization we're living in with today's game industry.

  • @el-shmiablo Complexity is only good when it fits the tone and design of the game. I don't want to have to worry about running out of gas constantly if I just want to have fun zipping around an open world as you explore like you would in a game like Rage 2. Even if all you had to do was stop at frequent points to gas up, you're then burdened with the hassle of regularly having to do this, which could easily kill the pace of the game. If you've recently seen Kyle's Labo Vehicle Kit stream, you should understand how this can become a chore. Thankfully, that game slowly expands your gas tanks and eventually gives you an infinite gas mode. It also works better for that game, because gas stations are also your radio towers, so every region has one nearby. It works for Days Gone because the resource is limited, which makes sense for the world and tone of a survival game.

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    Jim Sterling sum up this game very nicely.

    It would have been so much better if it was linear FPS running on id tech 6 made by id software rather than running on just cause 4 engine and made by just cause developers whose only truly great game was just cause 2 decade ago.

    what we got it yet another bland generic open world game in oversaturated market.

  • I followed some reviews and gameplay impressions of this game for the past few days and I can't help but be disappointed. RAGE 1 in 2011 was the first FPS I bought for my new (anf first) gaming PC that I saved up for with money from my first part time job. The graphics looked like an amazing new game to test on my PC and the enemy AI was touted as being extremely unpredictable and fun to play against.

    I bought it and had a good handful of fun. The excitement of playing RAGE 1 on a new PC was akin to playing some whatever game on a launch console. Like, say, Kameo on X360 back in the day: its good, but not thaaaaat good, but since you're playing on something new you are more excited about it. Once the excitement wore down, I'd say my final thoughts was that gunplay was fun - especially when fighting enemies in corridors/dungeon levels but everything else was really really bland and driving around a pointless empty map was extremely taxing. I quit while I was ahead.

    Now we have RAGE 2 and I'm scratching my head because everything that was criticized about the first game is quite literally the exact same issue all over again. The gunplay is fun, everything else is empty and boring. Why would they make the same mistake twice? Stuff like this rarely happens in video games anymore. Usually with a time gap like this they can assess the problems and fix them. Why does everybody playing it say the same thing we said in 2011? It's bizarre to me.

  • @dipset said in RAGE 2 (PC/PS4/XBO):

    Why would they make the same mistake twice? Stuff like this rarely happens in video games anymore. Usually with a time gap like this they can assess the problems and fix them. Why does everybody playing it say the same thing we said in 2011? It's bizarre to me.

    because they (id software) did not. they cancelled Rage 2 and went on making Doom Reboot and now making Doom Eternal.

    This Rage 2 is a production of just cause/mad max developers who are average developers and known for making bland open world formula.

  • @mbun I wasn't saying Rage 2 needed more survival mechanics, its clearly not going for that. I was simple making a comparison, in Days Gone I had to think a bit more about preparation, in Rage 2 you just go. You savage items in both for crafting but it's not really needed in Rage 2, my assault rifle is more or less all I've needed so far. Basically Days Gone gameplay mechanics helped pull me into the gameworld more and helped my immersion. Rage 2 doesn't have that, all I've been getting so far is feeling pretty badass stomping on enemies while using some fun, if not completely original, powers.

  • I have to admit I was looking forward to this game, but it lacks any level design whatsoever . It's just like every boring Ubisoft game. Rage 1 is a much better game (And I can't belive I'm saying this after Mad Max). RAGE 1 vehicle combat is much better. Thank God for Metro Exodus this year for my post apocalyptic fix

  • Does anyone else suffer from Last Chest Blindness like I do. I always have an incredibly tough time finding the last Chest/Crates in these games and it drives me nuts. I haven't seen it yet but is there maybe an upgrade where the focus can show me were all the chest are?

  • @themarcv Yeah, I can agree with that. Sounds like it could've used more layers that supported the gameplay style it was going for.

  • @themarcv Yeah. It's in the Projects tab under Search & Recover. It puts a small radar signal on top of the screen. I had the same problem finding chests.

  • I'll skip on this. I got other games coming out in the summer. Another open world shooter does not do a lot for me.

  • I completed the main story today. Only took me 12 hours. The story is super generic all the way through. I played Crackdown 3 on Game Pass this year, even that game has more character and plot development.

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    EZA review just up.