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    Yeah. Still not interested. Looks like Borderlands without the neat comic book aesthetic.

    When was last time borderland has this kind of amazing combat? if anything borderland has some of the worst shooting in FPS with bullet sponges enemies.

    this is id software and they are far more talented than gearbox can ever be. Rage 2 will do everything better than borderlands. even original Rage which was kinda mediocre was better than borderlands in that regards.

  • Wow, that looked absolutely amazing! Count me in.

  • @black-cell You saw a few seconds of shooting in an incredibly fast cut trailer.
    Calm down dude.

  • @sheria said in RAGE 2 announced trailer - Joint develop by avalanche studio and id software:

    Wow, that looked absolutely amazing! Count me in.

    Yeah. now i have reason to Hype for RAGE 2 again. im so hyped like id software shooting combine with avalanche open world that sound too good to be true.

    its GOTY material right there. better than i expected.

    @el-shmiablo said in RAGE 2 announced trailer - Joint develop by avalanche studio and id software:

    @black-cell You saw a few seconds of shooting in an incredibly fast cut trailer.
    Calm down dude.

    the few second of shooting show how to do amazing shooting. its id software after all on id tech 6. they dont make bad games.

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    This looks really awesome, but gonna wait for reviews first, will have to see if I can be arsed with yet another open world game.

  • I'm impressed and I'm also very happy to be excited for an FPS game for the first time in FOREVER! I know the trailer was a super sizzley cut, but I can tell the graphics are nice, I can see the game has a good speed, I can see I'll have fun driving (the car combat in RAGE was almost good but pretty disappointing), and I THINK I could tell that there is going to be some nice enemy variety.

    Count me in! With that said, I'll never buy a physical box for this game. 100% downloading on PC. I'll put up a poster of the Catherine cover art in my living room before I hold that weird scene-girl box art for RAGE 2.

  • I'm curious, of those not excited for this, what you folks thought of Doom, Prey, Dishonored 2, Wolfenstein and the Just Cause series.

    I have petty reasons for not playing Prey, but man. That pedigree.

  • @sazime

    I AM excited for Rage 2, but I can give you reasons why I haven't played some of the games you listed. None of them have an x-factor for me. This is purely based on trailers and reviews and I have not played any of the games you listed except for Wolfenstein The New Order which had the x-factor of a good story.

    Nothing against those games, but I'm more intrigued by Rage 2 based on the vehicular combat and the precedent of very compelling enemy AI which was in Rage 1. I got burnt out on FPS last gen, but I am starting to feel the itch again. I may try Wolf II in the future.

  • @dipset I was worried about Doom being fairly generic after playing the multiplayer beta, but watching the first 15 minutes of that game in an LP sucked me right in.

    The fact Avalanche is on this is exciting if just for their work on Just Cause. It's bananas, and it looks like they threw some delicious ripe ones right into Rage 2.

  • @sazime Don't forget that Avalanche made Mad Max as well. Seems all too fitting to be working on this game.

  • I think to me its official now. Bethesda won E3 with RAGE 2 before E3 has been started.

  • @sazime To answer in order:

    DOOM (2016): One of my favorite games of all time. My affinity for the game stands on three major pillars: Combat, Level Design, and Aesthetic. For Combat, I love how their isn't a reload and you have to rely upon pick-ups and movement to survive. Level Design, I love the secrets, the locations, and how you can backtrack with multiple pathways. And as for Aesthetic, I'm a sucker of going to Hell and killing demons. The game has issues though: The pick and choose nature of the Chainsaw and BFG, multiplayer, and some SnapMap functions.

    Prey: Love the concept; neat setting. More glitchy as the game went on and the story was underwhelming/not satisfying. Overall good, but just barely more good than bad.

    Dishonored 2: Another excellent game. I'm a big fan of allowing player agency of where to go, what to do, how to do it, building how you want to play, etc. The game's story is a great hook, especially with all the variables. Gameplay isn't for everyone, but it clicked for me.

    Wolfenstein: Again, I'm a sucker for story and aesthetic, so violently and unapologetically killing Nazis is never boring. Wolfenstein 3D holds a special place in my heart, but these games are fantastic.

    Just Cause: Not my thing, never appealed to me, and I really don't like open-worlds (generally), especially ones where games seem mindless most of the time.

    However, there's a key distinction you have to make here: Bethesda only PUBLISHED most of your list (sans Just Cause). So if what you're going for is only to highlight Bethesda's pedigree, you could add the Evil Within, Fallout, and Elder Scrolls for which I agree: Bethesda is my favorite publisher, and it's not even close.

    If you are talking about gameplay aspects or other similar designs, the ONLY games you can draw comparisons to from your list are DOOM and Just Cause. Dishonored and Prey were made by Arkane, not id or Avalanche. Wolfenstein was done by Machine Games. So in essence, Rage 2 won't be like Wolfenstein, and I can't fathom how it will be like anything Arkane does.

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    @black-cell I knew you really loved open world games all along.

  • @mcgeezaks

    Just wait until the watch towers you have to climb in Rage 2. He'll love them.

  • @mcgeezaks said in RAGE 2 announced trailer - Joint develop by avalanche studio and id software:

    @black-cell I knew you really loved open world games all along.

    problem is not open world. problem is how developers make. as most open world games are boring.

    this is not like far cry where boring traveling and cutscene with boring gameplay take place.

    this is id software game combine with avalanche open world structure. with Doom like shooting, Car combat, exploration, etc. what else not to like?

  • @brannox Don't you think upper level management, guidance, proper setting of milestones, etc, has something to do with that?

    Take Ubisoft as an example. They have a whole suite of subsidiaries working on their titles, and while the polish is there, their internal teams push things to the point of recreating the same 2-3 games.

    EA has a whole slew of teams as well, but the ones that come to my mind, most of the time, were made by teams since dissolved, or are a sports title.

    2k is kind of like EA in that they have some solid series, but recently lost teams due to downsizing after poor performing titles.

    I think a lot rests on Bethesda to balance and manage their resources effectively, and support each of their teams' creative visions. I think we have seen, again and again over the last 6 years, they've been doing that. I can't imagine Rage 2 not being just as well managed and built on a solid, supportive process.

    Whether or not it's your cup of tea, well, that's something else entirely. :)

  • @sazime Publishers are primarily (but not completely) responsible for marketing and getting games into retailers, not directly involved in the actual day to day development of any game. Sure, there are instances when publishers get hands on, but the more they do, the worse it is (Hi there EA).

    For your Ubisoft example, sure but as you have pointed out, they are direct subsidiaries. So the studios having to push out, say, an Assassin's Creed every other year, are being given that project. MachineGames, Arkane, id, Tango Gameworks all are there own studios under the Bethesda umbrella. MachineGames, for example, had to pitch their vision of Wolfenstein. Bethesda didn't just hand Wolfenstein off to them out of nowhere and said, "Get on it."

    EA does have their teams, but once again as you pointed out, a lot of the properties that are directly under EA's ownership have dissolved. Mass Effect for example: The IP is owned by EA and because of the botched Andromeda, they directly closed the arm of BioWare that developed the game. Who knows when or even if Mass Effect ever comes back.

    2K, I'm least knowledgable about, but they publish for Rockstar, and Rockstar can do whatever they want with the amount of money they bring in. 2K doesn't have to do a thing but make the game available to buy.

    I'm not saying Rage 2 will be great, good, bad, or awful, nor am I calling into question in how it's being managed. I'm just pointing out Rage 2 feels like Avalanche reached out to id (Since it's id's IP) with an idea both really liked, and both went to pitch it to Bethesda, who in turn greenlit the funding. Bethesda appears to have absolutely no hand in how Rage 2 is made, which is how I had two separate interpretations from your post.

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    Hey, you said it in a thread you started, not me.

    @black-cell said in Open world, Linear or Semi sandbox? which type of games you prefer?:

    Open world games? i just cant play more before i get bored. i couldnot play GTA, assassins creed or far cry without getting bored. these games are so boring and feel tedious at times.

  • @brannox Hmmm, probably worded things poorly, but the short: I believe the success so many disparate properties has got to have something (not everything) to do with Bethesda being in the mix. I think they have an uncanny ability to let those developers do "their thing" without washing out their individual creative nuances.

    Maybe Ubi and EA are just too big (in terms of total studios, they're stupid huge) to fairly compare them to Bethesda.

  • @sazime And I concur in that aspect because Bethesda puts out (mostly) single player experiences. EA is all about the always online multiplayer microtransaction experience whereas Ubisoft's bread and butter is the forever long checklist open world trope.

    And I believe comparisons are warranted as they are all publishers. Even though they have different philosophies in how they want to chase trends and reach their bottom line.

    And a side note: Thanks for the discussion! I've enjoyed this.