FF14 Allies: Do we have an official Company?

  • Hello everyone (long time lurker here). I Did search for an answer to this but the posts are a year old. Do we have a group that play FF14? I've just recently dove back into 14 and would love to play with some like-minded folk.

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    We do have a gorup on Ultros I believe it is. Damiani spoke about this in his last surprise stream. In order to join you can go to the FC house. Its located in the Uldah housing, area 1 house 8 (if that makes sense). So you can then apply from the sign there. Im not sure how super active it is as people tend to come in for new patches then kinda disappear in between.

  • Thanks for the info. I wasn't sure if EZA had an active 14 community or not so figured I'd ask.